What happens when you pair the world’s smallest robot with 3D vision?


High-precision automation for difficult manipulations and bin-picking tasks

Meet our latest addition to the MecaNetwork: CapSen Robotics. CapSen provides tailor-made solutions for unique automation challenges such as picking and placing small, shiny, metallic, and other complex parts—even assembling the pieces.

How? Their 3D vision, motion planning, and control software, CapSen PiC™, gives robots the spatial intelligence needed to manage such automation tasks.

What is spatial intelligence?

Spatial intelligence combines state-of-the-art geometric CAD model-matching techniques with advanced machine learning to achieve high detection accuracy across different object shapes, sizes, and materials. It is used in various pick and place, machine tending, and order fulfillment applications.

CapSen relied on the Meca500 robotic arm to automate previously difficult manipulation tasks for customers who need high accuracy and yield while maintaining flexibility and a small footprint. CapSen also used the Zivid One+ camera to provide the required 3D sensing accuracy.




CapSen’s spatial intelligence software allows the Meca500 to automate:

  • Identifying and grasping fasteners from clutter
  • Grasping and placing washers, using the correct orientation, to matching fasteners
  • Placing fastener/washer combo in a kit
  • Picking small shiny metallic objects, currently as small as 3 mm
  • And, assembly tasks

Thanks to intelligent use of GPU by CapSen PiC best-in-class image processing time is achieved. This allows for ultra-fast cycle times as the Meca500 never pauses to await instructions.