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The world’s smallest, most compact, and precise industrial robots

For automation systems that set new standards in throughput and precision. 

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Small industrial robot arms as automation components

Unique to the market, the industrial robot arms from Mecademic are automation components that integrate with any PC or PLC and don’t require a proprietary programming language. Choose simplicity and discover our innovative range of industrial robots!


Latest blog posts

What is the IIoT and why does it matter?
What is the IIoT and why does it matter

As one of the key technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is radically changing manufacturing. Thanks to IoT-enabled robots such as the Meca500 from Mecademic, coupled with sensors and wireless connectivity, manufacturers can now collect, analyze, and use data for transformative results. 

Novel method of robot-assisted additive manufacturing on-orbit
Robotized Additive Manufacturing on-orbit

The Meca500 robotic arm from Mecademic is uniquely suited for the aerospace industry. Its small size, lightweight, low energy consumption, and unmatched compactness make it ideal for an aircraft or a spacecraft. In this article, the research authors present a novel method of robot-assisted additive manufacturing on-orbit.

Robotic assembly a lesson in extreme precision

SEYMOUR Advanced Technologies uses three Mecademic robots for a high-precision system that increases throughput by 400%.


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