Integrators, Machine Builders and OEMs

Tailored automation solutions for specific applications and industries

Products built for integration with partners that know how

Our integrators, machine builders and OEMs provide a range of services from engineering consultancy to custom robotic system development and deployment. They are certified on how to integrate Mecademic products using our APIs, broad protocol support, documentation and flexible programming tools. These regionally- based experts bring specialized application and industry knowledge, full support and local accountability.

Integrator Spotlight: Arimation

Arimation Robotics incorporated our Meca500 into a remarkable custom automation solution for Cretex Medical in order to upscale the manufacturing of tiny parts used in the medical industry. Watch below to learn more about their process.



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Working with Mecademic

Join our network of automation experts to access industrial robots that  were designed for integration and tailored for micro-automation applications. Mecademic offers a certification program to educate, support and collaborate with its integrators, machine builders and OEMs. Certified partners dedicate time and resources to learn how to integrate, support and train on our products.  As a member of our network, you have access to our team of product experts, integration, resources and the latest engineering advancements.

Tailored solutions that suit your needs.

Accelerate Productivity

Mecademic ‘s automation experts save time and reduce costs with expert guidance, tooling recommendations, and optimized performance for faster time-to-market.

Save Resources

Our partners have the expertise to integrate our highly precise robotic solutions into your existing systems, optimizing your operations for increased efficiency and productivity.

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