Industry Standards Compliance

Mecademic robots were designed as industry-standard plug & work automation components to accelerate integration and deployment.

Connect your Mecademic robot to any computer or PLC via the Ethernet cable, and use a programming language of your choice such as Java, C# and Python. Most PLCs, including Siemens, Allen Bradley and Omron can also control the robot using either Ladder or Structured Text.


Communicate with your Mecademic robot via EtherCAT, ensuring guaranteed response times. Alternatively, send proprietary commands to the robot arm as parsed strings over TCP/IP. The commands are typical robot instructions such as MoveLin(x,y,z,α,β,γ). Similarly, the robot’s controller sends back strings with various types of feedback.

The embedded controller features an intuitive web interface, the MecaPortal, for operation. It can be accessed via any web browser.


Mecademic robot arms include external 24/36V power supplies, equipped with embedded safety modules, E-Stops and safety I/O interface. The power supplies can be connected to a standard electrical outlet.


Supply voltage: 90-250 VAC, 50-60 Hz, single phase 7 A

Safety module: Cat. 3 / PL

Mecademic robots’ controllers are embedded in their palm-sized base. There is no bulky controller cabinet, teach pendant or messy cables. Thanks to their tiny footprint, our robot arms are ideal for small, confined spaces.


The world’s smallest, most compact, and most precise industrial robots.

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