Increasing Throughput and Quality Consistency in Medical Device Manufacturing Automation with Mecademic Robots


Manufacturing medical devices is a highly regulated industry where stringent quality control and consistency standards must be met. For medical device OEMs, achieving high throughput while conforming to these regulations can be a significant challenge. Mecademic robots offer a solution that can help medical device manufacturers comply with market demands and meet regulatory requirements simultaneously. By using precise and reliable lab automation robots, medical device OEMs can achieve greater consistency and productivity, while reducing the potential for costly errors and delays.



Here are some of the ways Mecademic’s robots can benefit medical device manufacturing: 


Easily accommodate product design changes without limiting throughput

 At Mecademic, our goal is to help medical device OEMs achieve more flexibility in process design. Our robots are ideal for products with frequently changing designs or batch sizes. Fixed automation or traditional robotic solutions often require expensive hardware and software modifications to adapt to product and process changes. It is common for completely new systems to be designed any time product changes are introduced. In order to comply with evolving industry standards and minimize costs, more medical device manufacturers are turning to flexible automation solutions like Mecademic.

With their tiny footprint and ability to be mounted in any orientation, our robots can fit into any work cell. They are easy to integrate and interface with other equipment, making it possible to reconfigure automation systems and quickly adapt to changing products, processes, and industry regulations. Our robots make it easy to process different products through the same system, producing a higher mix of products without significant changeover.


Minimize production costs

Manufacturers face pressure from both customers and competitors to reduce production costs while simultaneously maximizing throughput. Mecademic robots tackle these challenges in a number of ways. First, our robots reduce integration time, development time, and employee training costs. They offer the flexibility to work with multiple industrial fieldbus protocols out of the box. 

Second, our robots are easily reconfigurable to changing products and batch sizes, which minimizes manufacturing costs and boosts throughout. Unlike with traditional fixed-batch systems, automating with Mecademic gives manufacturers more flexibility to increase production without additional training, labor, or development costs. 

Third, our robots have low overall integration costs. In addition to their affordable initial price, they require no additional expenses, no maintenance fees, no licensing fees, and no training courses. They come with free firmware updates and do not need software installations.  


Reach higher product quality and consistency

In addition to lowering costs, we strive to help you build better products. Mecademic robot arms are the most precise on the market, featuring a repeatability of 5 micrometers. By creating repeatable and accurate processes, Mecademic robots help OEMs adhere to strict product quality standards and ensure consistency. Using robotic medical device manufacturing solutions like Mecademic will improve product accuracy, calibration, traceability, and testing. Eliminate the risk of human error in micro-adjustments by replacing manual micromanipulation with robotic automation.


Optimize cleanroom infrastructure with a compact robot footprint

Cleanrooms come with significantly more capital and operating expenses than standard manufacturing sites. With their small footprint, our robots optimize the use of these expensive floor spaces. Most robotic solutions on the market take up a lot of space to accommodate their controllers, teach pendants, cables, and other equipment. Mecademic robots are tiny and feature built-in controllers. They have no teach pendants or messy cables, and can be mounted in any orientation. This lets OEMs integrate multiple robots into even the smallest of cells.


Achieve clean room compliance with lower CapEx and OpEx

 Cleanroom-compliant automation devices are expensive solutions. Most cleanroom robots and other automation components add to the already expensive capital expenses for cleanroom infrastructure. Luckily, Mecademic robots enable OEMs to achieve cleanroom compliance at lower costs. They are clean by design and are suitable for ISO 5 or higher cleanrooms. Our Meca500 is free from particle generators or belts, with speed reducers that are permanently sealed and lubricated.


Common Applications

If you’re unsure if Mecademic Robots can help you in your medical device manufacturing application, here are some of the common ways our robots are used in the industry:


Assembly & packaging

Precision assembly of microcomponents is a key application of our robots. Their precision and form factor make them a natural fit for working with tiny components. 


Laser marking

Our robots are frequently used in medical device laser marking applications where they work with products ranging from stents to pacemakers. Offering six degrees of freedom and flexible device positioning, our Meca 500 is perfect for such applications.


Precision dispensing

The Meca500 is commonly used in automated medical device manufacturing applications involving dispensing sealants over complex and precise trajectories. Its extreme precision makes for a more consistent and reliable dispensing system.



 Looking to precision inspect medical device components? Our Meca 500 can be easily integrated as a component to load and unload parts into an inspection machine or inspect, characterize, and calibrate sensors.


Laser soldering of leads to sensitive electronics

Laser wire soldering is a niche application where the Meca500 is a go-to solution. Its precision, compact size, and flexibility to be mounted in any orientation makes it ideal for soldering the leads of sensitive electronics.



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