4 Reasons Why the Meca500 is a Great 6-axis Robot for Assembly Applications


As automation continues transforming manufacturing, many companies are looking for flexible, efficient, and precise robotic solutions to help them improve consistency and throughput in their assembly lines.



If you’re searching for a reliable six-axis robot for your assembly applications, the Meca500 robotic arm from Mecademic might be the perfect fit for you if :

  • your application involves working with parts that are presented in different orientations (such as in 3D bin picking), or that need to be reoriented about non-vertical axes
  • small tilting motions are required during the fitting process, even when parts theoretically remain horizontal;
  • your application does not have a horizontal mounting surface
  • a tool turret end-effector is used


If your application fits these criteria, you should consider integrating the Meca500 into your manufacturing process.


Here are four key benefits the Meca500 provides:


  • Increase flexibility in assembly system design.

One of the standout features of the Meca500 robot arm is its compact size and small footprint. Unlike traditional industrial robots, the Meca500 does not require large factory spaces or bulky equipment and support systems. This means installing an automated assembly line in a small benchtop setting without significant system adaptations. The Meca500 is also highly versatile. It can be mounted in different orientations, making it ideal for working with parts presented in various orientations or needing to be reoriented about non-vertical axes.


  • Assemble using almost any end-of-arm-tooling

Finding the right end-of-arm-tooling (EOAT) for your assembly application can be complex. However, with the Meca500, you can use virtually any third-party EOAT for your assembly applications. Using the optional pneumatic module, you can use your preferred pneumatic EOAT controlled by any PC, PLC, or directly from the Meca500. Alternatively, you can use the Mecademic’s miniature electric gripper, the MEGP 25E, for assembling small parts with up to 1 kg payloads.


  • Implement force control routines.

The Meca500 robot arm features a velocity control mode that makes it easy to implement force control routines. By converting forces and torques sensed by an external force/torque sensor (such as ATI’s) to linear and angular velocity vectors, you can use force sensing for delicate insertions in your robotic automated assembly application. This feature enables you to ensure consistent quality, reduce cycle times, and prevent workpiece damage.


  • Meet tight tolerance requirements.

Mecademic robots are ultra-precise and can move their end-effectors with increments of 1 micrometer. This makes them ideal for performing delicate small-part assembly line automation operations requiring close tolerances and maximum precision. With a position repeatability of 5 micrometers, you can be confident that the Meca500 robot arm will meet even the tightest tolerance requirements of your assembly application.


Overall, if you are looking for a flexible, precise, and efficient six-axis robot for your assembly applications, the Meca500 robot arm is an excellent option. With its small footprint, versatile mounting options, compatibility with almost any EOAT, ability to implement force control routines, and ability to meet tight tolerance requirements, the Meca500 is a great investment for businesses seeking to optimize time, money, and space.