Looking for a small, precise, and easy-to-integrate automation component for high-precision applications?

Mecademic’s Micro-SCARA robot is your answer!



Programming languages:

Programming languages:

Mecademic's SCARA robot is the world's most compact and most precise. Designed for straightforward integration, the new robot system immediately delivers for maximum efficiency and precision at low cost. With fast cycle times and mounting flexibility, Mecademic's SCARA is ideal for a variety of applications including pick and place, assembly, lab automation, and more. This robust robot is unique in that it offers a combination of simplicity, precision, and high-performance at significantly lower overall costs than competitive models.

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Examples of applications


Used with a flexible feeding system, Mecademic's SCARA provides the perfect means for automatic kit preparation on an extremely small footprint.

Loading & Unloading

Mecademic's SCARA is the best solution for transferring small parts at short distances, in highly constrained spaces.



cycle time

With speeds of up to 3,000 mm/s, our SCARA robot’s high-performance design ensures faster cycle time and maximum throughput.




With a built-in controller, Mecademic’s SCARA robot is more compact than any four-axis industrial robot on the market.

Benefit from precision

Engineered with the same philosophy as our Meca500, the world’s most precise industrial robot, our SCARA robot offers high precision at even faster speeds.

Choose simplicity and flexibility

Our SCARA robot is a plug‑and‑work automation component that is very easy to integrate with any computer or PLC, and any programming language. Unlike most competitive models, Mecademic’s SCARA robot can be mounted on a table top or upside down, for use in a wide variety of settings.

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