The World’s Smallest, Most compact and Most precise SCARA Robot: Exploring Key Features


In the rapidly evolving world of micro-automation, the MicroDASH-MCS500 SCARA robot by Mecademic boasts a range of features that redefine what’s possible. It is the smallest, most compact, and most precise SCARA robot in the world, allowing it to fit in the most stringent workspaces and automate the most miniature tasks. But that isn’t all that makes this 4-axis robot one of a kind. Let’s delve into the key features that make the Mecademic SCARA robot an unparalleled choice for efficiency in various applications and industries.

Compact Design for Maximum Efficiency

The MCS500 takes the lead as the most compact 4-axis robot in its class, outshining competitors with a remarkable 27% reduction in size and a staggering 46% decrease in weight compared to the closest comparable option with similar reach. This compact design opens up new possibilities for space optimization and integration into diverse work environments.


embedded controller


High-Precision Performance

With a position repeatability of 5 microns, the MCS500 claims the throne as the most precise industrial SCARA robot in its range. This high precision ensures consistent and quality performance, making it an ideal choice for tasks that demand meticulous attention to detail, often in the aerospace, electrical, and medical device industries.


Unmatched Range of Motion

Despite already being the most compact and precise SCARA, The MCS500 offers the highest range of motion among comparable SCARA robots. This expansive range provides the flexibility to tackle various applications, making it a versatile and adaptable solution.

Flexible Mounting Options

Adapting to different workspace configurations is a breeze with the MCS500, as it becomes the first SCARA on the market that can be mounted tabletop or inverted, opening up new possibilities for customization and integration into existing setups.

Lightning-Fast Cycle Times without Compromising Precision

Speed meets precision with the MCS500, boasting impressive 0.42-second cycle times. This places it in the same league as other top small-size SCARA robots while maintaining the precision required for delicate tasks.



Smart Vacuum & I/O Module Integration

The Mecademic SCARA robot has a fully embedded Smart Vacuum & I/O Module. This integrated module includes eight digital inputs and eight digital outputs, allowing seamless control of suction cups, detection of negative pressure, and rapid air release. 


Seamless Software Integration

Mecademic understands the importance of integration within existing workflows. The SCARA robot’s software-agnostic approach ensures that incorporating it into your production line is a seamless experience. This adaptability simplifies the integration process, allowing for enhanced productivity without disruptions.





To Wrap Up

The MCS500 SCARA robot is redefining the world of micro-automation by combining compact design with precision, versatility, and efficiency.  Whether you’re navigating micro-automation applications or larger industrial environments, this robot’s rapid integration and user-friendly nature enhance your operational capabilities. The MCS500 serves as a testament to Mecademic’s unwavering commitment to dismantling barriers in the world of automation.