Micro-automation for Handling Precision Optics in Laser Devices and Photonics Industry: INNOCISE X Mecademic


Automation in the photonics industry deals with small and delicate parts that require clean and precise handling with high levels of consistency, making it a challenging process to automate. Combining Mecademic’s new anti reflecting Meca500 six-axis industrial robots with INNOCISE’s precise-handling grippers provides the ultimate automation solution for applications in the field of photonics. Find out more about how INNOCISE X Mecademic technology can benefit your microhandling applications below.



Unparalleled Light Absorption

Mecademic has just unveiled its Optical Black anodized version of the Meca500: the most light-absorbing six-axis industrial robot in the world, with 96.5% light absorption. This robot fills an important gap in the industry by ensuring the safety and effectiveness of micro-applications where light reflections are to be avoided. 


Unrivaled Precision and Accuracy 

The Meca500 by Mecademic is the world’s smallest and most precise six-axis industrial robot arm, offering an unmatched level of precision and accuracy to the laser optics and photonics industry. Mecademic robots provide precise movements and a position repeatability of 0.005 mm, enabling the alignment of laser optics with micron-level accuracy. 


Made of special polymers, INNOCISE’s micro-handling grippers use technology inspired by the natural gripping abilities of geckos, enabled by millions of tiny hairs on their feet, to pick hold and place parts (even below a size of 10 µm) with precision and delicateness. 


Space, energy, and overall efficiency 

The Meca500’s compact size optimizes space utilization in manufacturing environments, where floor space is often at a premium. By doing so, companies can maximize the efficiency of their production lines, arrange equipment more effectively, and increase their overall productivity. Its size and lightweight construction also result in reduced energy consumption compared to larger industrial robots. These robots require less power to operate, leading to lower energy costs and a reduced carbon footprint. 


 INNOCISE’s gripping technology is also highly adaptable. The right combination of microstructure geometry and gripper material allows INNOCISE to adapt its adhesive grippers to different parts, automation systems and processes. To ensure you get the right gripper for your application, INNOCISE performs extensive handling tests with your components and offers the right standard gripper or develops special grippers tailored to your requirements.


Versatility and Adaptability 

The INNOCISE X Mecademic solution is suitable for a wide range of applications such as aligning fiber optics, laser diodes, or intricate optical assemblies. The flexibility and small footprint of Mecademic’s robotic arms allow for seamless integration into existing production lines, making it a viable solution for both new installations and retrofits. It can be programmed with almost any PLC and does not require specialized training or software installments.

Innocise technology is also made to be adaptable as it can be equipped with various types of grippers and components to accommodate different object shapes and sizes. In order to find the right custom solution for your company, Innocise performs extensive handling tests with your components to ensure you chose the right gripper for your application.


Compact design paired with highly sensitive and residue-free handling

Clean and safe work environments are crucial in the photonics industry as slight dust, debris, and other contaminants can damage delicate optical components that must adhere to strict quality standards. The compact nature of the robot with its embedded controller means the robot takes up less space and there are no wires to trip on or tangle. INNOCISE grippers offer sensitive and residue-free handling of delicate parts. The robot’s unmatched precision and the grippers’ advanced sensing capabilities ensure precise and gentle gripping, minimizing the risk of damage to sensitive components. This level of control and finesse is crucial in cleanroom environments, where even the slightest particle or residue can have detrimental effects on product quality.



With its unparalleled light absorption, precision, efficiency, versatility, and enhanced safety features, the Mecademic X INNOCISE microhandling solution offers numerous benefits to companies operating in the photonics industry. From improving production throughput and reducing costs to ensuring micron-level accuracy this sophisticated solution is empowering businesses to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving and complex industry. Embracing this technology will undoubtedly give companies a competitive edge and pave the way for further advancements in photonics.