Mecademic Robots: The Perfect Solution for Luxury Jewelry and Watch-Making Automation


Looking for a precise and flexible robotic benchtop solution for luxury jewelry and watch-making automation? Mecademic robots are ideal for tasks involving the micromanipulation of watch and jewelry components.




At Mecademic we feel that fine jewelry-making and haute horlogerie should be a cross between technology and tradition. However, the high cost of production and lengthy lead times can limit the scope of creativity. Robots are ideal for offloading repetitive tasks or performing manipulations with extreme precision. Discover why Mecademic’s energy-efficient and quiet robots help modern craftspeople achieve higher levels of quality while speeding up production.


Benefits of using the Meca500 in the jewelry and watchmaking industries


Benefit from a highly flexible benchtop automation solution.
Jewelry and robotic watchmaking automation processes must be flexible enough to cope with frequently changing products and batch sizes. Mecademic robots offer such flexibility by being easy to swap, integrate, and interface with any other equipment. With their small size and mounting in any orientation, you can place them exactly where you need them.


Handle microscopic components in small factory spaces.
Space is extremely limited in jewelry and watchmaking, which leaves bulky robotic systems unsuitable. The search for a compact and reliable benchtop solution has led several of the industry’s high-end watch and jewelry manufacturers to choose Mecademic’s robot arms. With their small size and embedded controller, our robots provide manufacturers with space efficiency at a lower cost.


Unparalleled precision in microscopic manipulation -Improve production quality and yield.
Automating the delicate and complex manipulations of microcomponents can be challenging due to their minuscule and fragile nature. Machines employed in haute horlogerie and jewelry-making automation must have goldsmith precision and be highly reliable. With 5 micrometers of repeatability, the Meca500 robot arm is the best robotic solution for automating precision manipulation while maintaining a strict product aesthetic. The robots can manipulate and assemble high-precision mechanical parts ranging from a few millimeters to a dozen micrometers. Whether you are looking to automate entire processes or add the finishing touches by hand, employing our robots helps avoid human error while lowering cycle times.


Automate specialized tasks with easy integration into any setup.
Jewelry and watch manufacturers rely on specialized workers with years of training. Automating niche processes and specialized workmanship into a reliable and repeatable benchtop automation solution can be challenging. Unlike Mecademic, other automation options often have a complex design, oversized manipulation elements, as well as complex hardware and software implementation. With its simplicity-focused approach, Mecademic minimizes such challenges with a simple mechanical installation and programming interface. All our robots feature a built-in controller that can easily accept commands from any PC or PLC without additional software or options.


Common applications of the Meca500 in the Jewelry and watchmaking industries


Chronometric automation

 Robotic watchmaking automation enables multiple complex tasks, such as verifying chronometric performance, to be done at once. For example, the robot can wind multiple movements and check their performance in various positions that mimic the movements of a human wrist. Other quality assurance tasks include testing watch precision and detecting glitches.


Micro-assembly of tiny components

When it comes to assembly and packaging, no part is too small for our robots. Our Meca500 can manipulate microcomponents that are typically handled under a microscope. Watch this application example from Horosys featuring their small watchmaking micro-factory for the handling and assembly of tiny watch components.


Grinding and Polishing

The skills involved in grinding and polishing precious gemstones are difficult to replicate, making these applications some of the most challenging in jewelry-making automation. Our robots offer precision and reliability in an ultra-compact form to easily and reliably perform such niche tasks.  



Mecademic robots can work with elements too small for manual intervention, enabling you to automate tasks that are too difficult to accomplish by hand. Integrating the robot with laser marker machines creates a flexible engraving system that can adapt to a high mix of parts.



Picking up and applying labels often requires more degrees of freedom than Cartesian systems offer. With their 5-micron repeatability and six degrees of freedom, our robots are well suited for precisely positioning labels.


Mecademic robots are ideal for tasks involving the micromanipulation of watch and jewelry components. They offer unparalleled precision, flexibility, and reliability in a compact and energy-efficient package. By integrating Mecademic robots into your production line, you can reduce costs, speed up production, and achieve higher levels of quality, all while complimenting human craftsmanship with the watch and jewelry-making automation technology.



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