Mecademic Robots Revolutionize Aerospace Precision and Efficiency


The aerospace industry demands high precision, safety, and micro-manipulation, which can be a tall order for human operators alone. That’s where Mecademic robots come in. With their unmatched precision and flexibility, Mecademic robots offer crucial solutions for aerospace manufacturing, from ultrasonic testing to fiber optic alignment.




Mecademic robots are widely used for inspection, testing, and micro-manipulation of small engine parts, avionics systems, and extraterrestrial materials. They can assemble delicate aerospace electronics with extreme levels of precision and machine small components accurately. Mecademic robots are also employed to apply sealants and dispense adhesives with high repeatability, reducing the amount of wasted materials.


One of the biggest advantages of Mecademic robots in aerospace manufacturing is their ability to increase throughput at minimal automation costs. Compared to other automation solutions, Mecademic robots require significantly shorter integration time, development, and training. They are easy to reconfigure to different tasks, giving more flexibility to create multiple workstations without additional costs. With their reduced downtime and high-output design, Mecademic robots ensure higher production speeds without compromising precision, which can lead to positive cash flow and shorten lengthy manufacturing and testing processes.


Mecademic robots have several applications in aerospace manufacturing:

ultrasonic NDT and inspection 

Mecademic robots can be easily integrated with other equipment and software for non-destructive testing. Pairing them with a vision system or 3D scanning technology ensures nothing gets overlooked in dimensional checks.


Micromanipulation in confined spaces

Mecademic robots’ small size and precision make them well suited to manipulate small parts in confined spaces. Their ability to be mounted in any orientation lets them access such spaces from multiple positions.


Connector assembly

Connector assembly for aerospace and defense requires extreme levels of precision to achieve operation-critical signal integrity. Mecademic robots can precisely assemble tiny interconnected pins in high-density connectors, achieving consistent reliability from part to part.


Laser marking

Mecademic robots also offer increased autonomy in the laser marking process, reducing human errors and exposure to hazards associated with laser systems. They can be integrated inside laser marking machines for manipulating parts for marking or used as machine tending automation systems.


Precision-machining small components

 Mecademic robots have easy programming and maintenance-free operation. Easy set-up means line change-overs can be done quickly and without additional costs.


Automated kitting

This process as well as picking, and fastener sorting of nuts, bolts, or washers is made easier with Mecademic robots’ ease of integration, small size, and precision. Pairing them with a vision system can automate the handling of large amounts of irregular SKUs, which would otherwise require massive labor efforts and costs.


Fiber optic alignment

this process requires precision and reliable positioning with no room for error. Mecademic robots offer a movement resolution of 1 µm in linear displacements and 0.001° in angular displacements, ensuring reliable positioning for fiber optic applications.


Dispensing and sealing

Mecademic’s high repeatability and precision means reducing the amount of wasted sealant in production.



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