Mecademic at ATX West: Precision Robotics Take Center Stage


ATX West returned to Anaheim this February 2024, and as a premier manufacturing technology trade show in the United States, we saw it as a prime opportunity to showcase our robots’ ability to tackle diverse medical device, electronics and photonics manufacturing challenges. Boasting a compact design, unmatched precision, and patent-pending, user-friendly interface, our robots are designed with manufacturers in mind. Let’s take a closer look at the key highlights from ATX West 2024.



Event Highlights

Product Demonstrations


To make a big impact with our small robots, we came prepared with four unique demos showcasing our robots’ diverse capabilities and benefits in automating manufacturing:


  • Microdash MCS500 and Asyril Demo: Witnessing the SCARA robots’ vision and pick-and-place capabilities with Asyil’s flexible feeding system underscored their adaptability and efficiency in handling diverse tasks.



  • Medical Device Demo: The medical device inspection demo, featuring a laser scanner, highlighted the use of our robots for ensuring quality and consistency in this critical sector.



  • Electronics Industry Demo: Using an upside-down mounted SCARA robot with two Meca500’s, this demo showcased how Mecademic’s solutions cater to the electronics industry’s need for precision and flexibility in component handling and micro-assembly, working seamlessly in a small space.  



  • Optical Alignment Demonstration: This exciting addition presented the Optical Black Meca500, equipped with a Percipio Robotics tulip gripper and a Thorlabs laser. This setup exemplified the robot’s exceptional precision and efficiency in optical alignment applications while addressing potential light reflection safety issues.



Media Highlights


  • Interview with Jake Hall: The #ManufacturingMillenial Jake Hall interviewed our Executive VP Phillippe Beaulieu, who delved into how our innovative, small-scale robots are making big leaps within the manufacturing industry, and our commitment to providing comprehensive support for both end users and integrators.



  • Control Automation Feature: Our robots were featured in a profile by EETech’s Director of Engineering, published on, highlighting our innovative approach to robotics and our focus on high-precision applications. 



Addressing Critical Needs

ATX West served as a crucial opportunity to connect with industry leaders and demonstrate how our robots are designed with manufacturers in mind. Every feature of our robots intentionally addresses the challenges of manufacturing automation:


  • Limited Space in Manufacturing Environments: Our compact robots with embedded controllers are designed to fit into tight spaces, enabling manufacturers to optimize their floor space without compromising on the performance and precision of their operations.


  • Need for High Precision: With the increasing complexity of manufacturing processes, especially in industries like electronics and medical devices, our robots offer the high level of precision required to meet stringent quality standards.


  • Efficiency and Flexibility: Our products are engineered for easy integration and flexibility, with software-agnostic programming, an intuitive interface, and multi-directional mounting possibilities, allowing for quick setup and versatility in various manufacturing tasks.


  • Operational Downtime: Our calibration service saves significant time in scenarios where a robot is displaced or replaced, ensuring minimal downtime and maintaining production flow.


More Than Robots

At Mecademic, we understand that robots are just one piece of the puzzle. Our new calibration service and optical black anodization option add additional benefits to your manufacturing applications that go beyond the robot itself:


  • Calibration Service: Our calibration service ensures that we are not only the most precise, but also the most accurate robots in the world, saving on downtime and improving product quality.



  • Anodized Meca500: The optical black anodized version of the Meca500 robot absorbs 96.5% of the visible light spectrum, increasing contrast for vision systems and minimizing laser reflection hazards.


The Future of Manufacturing

Participation in events like ATX West connects us with manufacturers to help them achieve new levels of efficiency and quality through our innovative and reliable robotic solutions.  Our commitment to breaking down barriers to automation through our space-saving designs and unwavering precision ensures we remain at the forefront of the industry, helping manufacturers across diverse industries optimize complex operations and achieve new levels of efficiency. 


Ready to see how Mecademic can transform your manufacturing process? Contact us today and let’s discuss your specific needs!