Mecademic Announces New Distributor Bosch Australia Manufacturing Solutions



Mecademic Industrial Robotics has recently joined forces with Bosch Australia Manufacturing Solutions (BAMS), the preferred supplier of advanced manufacturing solutions and integrations to Australian & New Zealand businesses and a globally renowned Bosch Group division. This new distributor will bring Mecademic’s compact and precise robotic technology to BAMS’s premium-quality automated manufacturing solutions and services



Provide more efficient and reliable results for Australian and New Zealand manufacturers across various industries: Mecademic’s advanced robotic technology is unique – providing the world’s smallest, most compact, and most precise industrial robots. This technology has allowed machine builders to develop groundbreaking and scalable automation solutions that have never existed before, helping manufacturers reduce errors, minimize footprint, and increase throughput. BAMS will now be pitching more solutions with Mecademic products. Combining this technology with Bosch’s world-class automation solutions will give Australian and New Zealand businesses more opportunities to optimize their manufacturing applications and pursue increasingly innovative automation solutions that were previously impossible or hard to accomplish.


Strengthen Mecademic’s global network: Mecademic’s products are used in over 40 countries, requiring a vast network of international partners. These industrial robotic experts and machine builders assist end customers in developing custom automation solutions by recommending tooling or products and providing local support and training for Mecademic products. Adding Bosch Australia Manufacturing Solutions to Mecademic’s network of trusted distributors will offer the opportunity to tap into new markets, leverage the expertise of the Bosch Australia and New Zealand team and connect this advanced technology with more manufacturing experts and innovators from around the world. 


Looking Ahead

Mecademic is always looking to collaborate with other visionary companies to continue innovating in the world of automation. Combining Mecademic’s unparalleled robotic technology with Bosch Australia Manufacturing Solution’s premium-quality automated manufacturing solutions and services, powered by the global excellence of the Bosch Group, provides an exciting opportunity for the growth of both companies in Oceania and beyond.