Meca500: the Only Choice for Successful Micro-Manipulation Applications


Micro-manipulation is the process of handling and moving very small parts with high precision, typically in the range of microns. This delicate task is often performed in industries such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology, where accuracy and repeatability are critical.



The Meca500 robot arm from Mecademic is an ideal solution for micro-manipulation applications for several reasons:


ease of integration

 Unlike most other micro-manipulation solutions and industrial robots, the Meca500 is an automation component that is easy to integrate. All you need to do is connect a computer to the Meca500 using an Ethernet cable and stream Mecademic’s motion and request commands over TCP/IP. The Meca500 also comes with an embedded web interface and requires no software installations, making it easy to use right out of the box.


Operate in both position and velocity mode

 The end-effector of the Meca500 can be controlled both in absolute and relative position modes, enabling it to make both fast, large-amplitude motions and slow, micrometer incremental steps. In addition, you may control the velocity of the end-effector at 500 Hz, making micromanipulation a fluid and intuitive process. The Meca500 can be jogged with the help of a 6-axis or 3-axis USB joystick, with minimum programming.


Precision and versatility

 As a six-axis industrial robot arm, it is the most compact, lightweight, and precise on the market. It can be mounted in any orientation and easily equipped with virtually any small end-effector, including Mecademic’s optional electric gripper or pneumatic tool. With the Meca500, you can manipulate even the tiniest parts with the utmost accuracy and repeatability.


Avoid maintenance costs (and earplugs)

 Built with high-quality components and absolute encoders, it requires no oil or battery changes. If you ever need to swap or add a robot, it can be done in minutes. Plus, it operates so silently that you may forget to switch it off!


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