Machine Tending: SCARA vs 6 Axis Robot Arm


Machine tending is an essential aspect of modern manufacturing processes. While human operators can perform the job, robots have become the preferred choice for many businesses because they provide high accuracy, efficiency, and consistency. However, choosing the right robot for machine tending applications can be challenging, and it’s essential to consider various factors such as part orientation, mounting surface, and tool requirements.



Here is a brief comparison of the six-axis robot and SCARA robot for machine tending applications:


SCARA Robot:

The Mecademic MCS500 SCARA robot is an excellent choice for high-speed machine tending applications where parts do not need to be reoriented about non-vertical axes during transfer. The SCARA robot offers fast cycle times and high throughput, making it ideal for maximizing production and minimizing costs. With a small footprint and compact design, the MCS500 can be mounted directly onto or inside a machine, freeing up valuable floor space.


Meca500 Robot:

The Mecademic Meca500 six-axis robot is the ideal solution for machine tending applications requiring more flexibility. With two additional degrees of freedom, the Meca500 can transfer parts presented in multiple orientations or reorient parts about non-vertical axes. This makes it a perfect fit for 3D bin-picking applications or when using a tool turret end-effector. The Meca500 robot can also be mounted on non-horizontal surfaces, increasing flexibility.



Advantages of Mecademic Robots for Machine Tending


Small footprint

 Both the Meca500 and MSC500 robots are incredibly compact and can be mounted in various orientations, making them perfect for machine-tending applications where space is limited.


Interface with ease

Mecademic robots are designed as slave automation components, making them easy to control via TCP/IP, EtherCAT, or EtherNet/IP. This allows for seamless integration with your existing machinery and control systems.


Multiple grippers

 Mecademic robots can be integrated with various grippers, including the miniature electric gripper from Mecademic or third-party technology. Control pneumatic grippers or vacuum generators from the robot itself using the pneumatic module or your PC/PLC.


Easy to increase transfer distances

The lightweight and compact design of Mecademic robots makes them easy to transport and install onto linear stages. This is a convenient and affordable way to increase transfer distances without compromising precision or incurring the high costs of using a larger robot.


The Meca500 six-axis robot and MCS500 SCARA robot offer unique advantages for machine tending applications. Choosing the right robot for your needs depends on factors such as part orientation, mounting surface, and tool requirements. The Meca500 robot is perfect for more flexible applications, while the MSC500 robot excels in high-speed applications where parts do not need to be reoriented. Whatever your machine tending needs, Mecademic robots provide high accuracy, efficiency, and consistency, ensuring optimal production and reduced costs.




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