Dispensing Applications: 6-axis or SCARA Robot?


Choosing between a 6-axis robot and a SCARA robot for your dispensing application depends on how much flexibility your application demands.



If you’re unsure whether the six-axis arm or SCARA is the best option for you, here is a breakdown of when to use either robot:


If you need more flexibility in your dispensing application, use the Meca500 six-axis robotic arm. You can orient your dispense tip anywhere within the robot’s workspace with two additional degrees of freedom. The Meca500 can even dispense on curved surfaces and hard-to-reach places. It can carry fluid dispensers weighing up to 1 kg.


On the other hand, if you want to increase throughput and don’t require extra flexibility, the MCS500 SCARA robot is the best candidate. It works at even higher speeds than the Meca500, making it perfect for high-throughput applications that only require the dispense tip to travel in x, y, and z directions, possibly rotating about a vertical axis.


Regardless of your choice, both Mecademic robots can benefit your dispensing applications in several ways.


Benefits of using a Mecademic robot for dispensing applications

Optimize your system design

 Mecademic robots are smaller and more compact than any other benchtop dispensing robots on the market, making them easy to fit into tight spaces. They can be mounted in various orientations, giving you more flexibility in design. Plus, their ultra-lightweight design eliminates the need for bulky support systems, freeing up more space for your dispensing application.


Improve dispensing consistency and product quality

 Mecademic robots guarantee improved quality and consistency of your product, thanks to their path and position repeatability of 0.050 mm and 0.005 mm, respectively. This means fewer errors in production and less material waste, saving you costs. Pair our robots with a precision dispenser to optimize your robotic dispensing systems.


Increase dispensing throughput

 Our robots require no maintenance, battery changes, or oil replacements, keeping your robotic dispensing application running 24/7. They are also easily swappable when calibrated, without the need to be re-taught, reducing downtime.


Save development time

Mecademic robots have a path accuracy of 0.5 mm at 100 mm/s, which enables you to save time fine-tuning your dispensing paths. The robots are also very easy to program and require no training courses, saving you further time in setting up your robotic dispensing systems.



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