Control Automation Day Recap


On Tuesday, March 26th, we took part in Control Automation Day, a free virtual conference and trade show designed for control engineers. The one-day event included keynote addresses from influential engineers and companies, live sessions from industry experts, and digital exhibitor booths from industry-leading manufacturers and distributors. Here are the highlights from last week’s event.

A Deep Dive into Precision vs. Accuracy: Prof. Bonev’s Compelling Keynote

Our presence at the event was highlighted by a compelling keynote delivered by Professor Ilian Bonev, our co-founder and a leading figure in the field of robotics. Titled “Beyond Repeatability: Accuracy Drives the Next Generation of Robots,” Bonev’s presentation addressed a key misconception – the interchangeability of precision and accuracy. He delved into the nuanced differences between these terms and their critical roles in optimizing robotic operations.

Bonev, who also serves as a professor at École de Technologie Supérieure (ETS) and Director of the Control and Robotics Laboratory, leveraged his extensive academic and practical expertise to demonstrate how Mecademic’s compact robotic solutions redefine micro-applications with unparalleled accuracy. This, he explained, is revolutionizing industries like electronics, optics/photonics, medical devices, automotive components, and even watchmaking.

The presentation explored real-world examples, illustrating the power of precision beyond traditional expectations. From increased productivity and quality control to setting new standards in throughput, energy efficiency, integration, and overall performance, Bonev’s keynote provided valuable insights for both seasoned industry veterans seeking to enhance operations and emerging entrepreneurs poised for innovation. This engaging session offered attendees a deeper understanding of precision in industrial robotics, unlocking the potential for transformative advancements in their respective fields.


Watch the full presentation below!


The world’s most precise robot also happens to be the most accurate

Building upon our already established reputation for precision robotics, our presence at Control Automation Day comes at the unveiling of our new groundbreaking development – a new calibration service for the Meca500 industrial robot arm. This innovative service positions the Meca500 as not only the world’s most precise robot but also the most accurate.

The secret to this enhanced accuracy lies in the utilization of a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) during the calibration process. This method offers an order of magnitude greater precision compared to traditional laser trackers. By incorporating this service, Mecademic ensures up to 10x increased accuracy for the Meca500, translating to significant benefits for users. Improved performance, mitigated risk factors, and a reduction in deployment times are just some of the advantages offered by this revolutionary calibration service.


The Future of Robotics is Here: Partner with Mecademic for Unparalleled Precision

Participating in these events, especially online ones, allows us to connect our unique technology with even more businesses worldwide looking to enhance their automation. Those seeking to elevate their operations and unlock transformative advancements in their fields are encouraged to explore the vast resources available through our website. From insightful presentations to comprehensive product information and captivating case studies, we provide a wealth of knowledge to empower informed decision-making.


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