Automatica and Laser World of Photonics Recap


Automatica and Laser World of Photonics returned this past June 27-30th, 2023 to the Trade Fair Center Messe München in Munich, Germany. As the world’s leading trade fairs in automation and robotics, and laser and photonics, we believed these events were crucial opportunities to connect with industry leaders from Europe and around the world, discover key technologies, and observe global developments in our industry, ensuring our company’s continued growth and relevance in a rapidly evolving landscape. Below are some of the highlights from our time at Automatica and Laser World of Photonics.



Exciting New Developments

We officially launched pre-orders for our latest robotic innovation at Automatica – our own Micro-SCARA robot. This robot offers fast cycle times, precision, flexible programming, and space optimization ideal for small component design and manufacturing applications in electronics, optics, medical devices, and many other industries.

You can read the full press release here.

Pre-orders for Mecademic’s micro-SCARA are available now through this form.





We also showcased our newest edition of the Meca500 for the laser optics and photonics industry at Laser World of Photonics. The optical black anodized Meca500 is the most light-absorbing six-axis industrial robot in the world, with 96.5% light absorption. This robot fills an important gap in the industry by ensuring the safety and effectiveness of micro-applications where light reflections need to be avoided. 



Micro-Automation on Display

Our trusty army of Meca500s returned to Automatica to display their exceptional proficiency across a diverse range of micro-applications, and their cross-compatibility with various PLCs, exemplifying the versatility and ease of incorporating our robots into existing systems. By combining our compact and precise Meca500 with a wide selection of grippers, available from both our own catalog and our trusted partners, you can effortlessly create customized micro-automation solutions without requiring additional training or occupying extra floor space!





Naturally, the star of the show at our booth this year was our newest robot: the micro-SCARA. 









Partner Corner

Mecademic X Next Collaboration

We joined forces at Automatica with our partners, NEXT Robotics, a German distributor specializing in diverse robot technologies encompassing collaborative, stationary, and mobile robotics, as well as modular precision robotics and microtechnology.


NEXT was part of our early-access program for our micro-SCARA:  “As part of the Early Access Program for Mecademic’s new micro-SCARA robot, we have been impressed with its performance and design. We feel the compact size and precision uniquely meets the strong demand we see in micro automation,” stated Marcus Frei, CEO at NEXT. robotics. 


We are grateful to NEXT Robotics for their involvement in our early-access program, their ongoing support, and for the extraordinary booth location they acquired!  We eagerly anticipate the opportunities this partnership will bring in the future. 







Innocise Joins us at World of Photonics


Our partners INNOCISE joined us at our booth at World of Photonics to showcase their micro-handling gripping technology inspired by the natural gripping abilities of geckos.  Combining the precision and compact size of the Mecademic Robot with the accurate gentle gripping of Innocise grippers creates the ultimate automation solution for manufacturing applications in laser optics and photonics.







Other Noteworthy Partners


Several of our other partners were present at Automatica and World of Photonics.

  • Bota Systems: developer and manufacturer of multi-axis force-torque sensors, torque sensors, and custom sensors.
  • AICA: Develops robotic software with universal compatibility.  
  • ZS Handling: Manufactures micro-handling technology that uses non-contact ultrasonic bearing to pick and transport sensitive pieces gently. 


Another successful tradeshow

We are thankful for everyone who visited our booth and engaged with our demos, and especially for our excellent partners, whose support makes it possible for us to have a meaningful impact in the field of automation. Until we meet again!