A Collaborative Success Story: Maxon and Mecademic Powering Innovation in Robotics




Maxon, a pioneer in precision micromotors, and Mecademic, a leading provider of compact robotic systems, have formed a mutually beneficial partnership that fuels innovation in the field of robotics. Maxon’s motors have found their ideal match in Mecademic’s robotic platforms, while Mecademic leverages Maxon’s motors for comprehensive testing and validation. This collaboration has led to remarkable advancements and breakthroughs in the realm of robotics.


Mecademic Harnessing Maxon’s Motors

Mecademic’s robots are the most compact and precise industrial robots in the world, which is made possible in part due to the motors that they use. Mecademic uses Maxon’s micromotors, known for their compact size, high power density, and exceptional control characteristics. They seamlessly integrate into the Meca500, enabling unparalleled precision and reliability. The compactness and lightweight nature of Maxon’s motors perfectly align with the Meca500’s design, enhancing its maneuverability and versatility, creating a robust and agile robotic system capable of delivering precise and repeatable movements in diverse industrial automation applications.


Maxon Relying on Mecademic for Testing:

In a reciprocal collaboration, Maxon relies on Mecademic’s Meca500 six-axis robotic arm to comprehensively test their motors. The robot’s precision and repeatability make it an ideal platform for testing and inspecting applications. For Maxon, the Meca500 replaces the manual testing process in collector production, increasing efficiency and decreasing the possibility of human error. The Meca500 tests 280 printed circuit boards (PCBs) for Maxon’s miniature motors every 40 minutes. Its compact and lightweight design enables easy integration into the testing environment, effortlessly accommodating the small size of Maxon’s micromotors. The Meca500’s versatility allows for customization and adaptation to meet specific testing requirements, ensuring a thorough evaluation of Maxon’s motors under varying loads, speeds, and control modes. Leveraging the Meca500’s high-speed operation, Maxon can thoroughly examine the dynamic behavior and responsiveness of their motors. 


Collaborative Success

The collaborative relationship between Maxon and Mecademic has fostered innovation, resulting in the development of state-of-the-art robotics solutions. Maxon’s motors empower Mecademic’s robotic systems with precision, power, and reliability, while Mecademic’s robots provide Maxon with a robust testing platform to validate the performance of their motors. The combination of Maxon’s expertise in motor technology and Mecademic’s proficiency in compact robotics has propelled both companies to new heights, delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the demanding requirements of modern industrial automation.