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Optimize automated inspection with precision and consistency

Are you looking to test your product by simulating normal use, or to accurately displace sensors? Benefit from an automated inspection system using Mecademic’s robot arms designed to deliver maximum precision as well as maximum space, time, and cost efficiency.


Why choose Mecademic robots for automated inspection and testing?

Improve consistency in testing and inspection

With a path repeatability of 0.050 mm and a position repeatability of 0.005 mm, Mecademic robots guarantee precision and accuracy of your inspection processes. By minimizing variation across inspection and testing processes, our robots ensure consistent product quality.

Reduce development time

Mecademic robots are automation slave components that can easily integrate with your existing platforms for inspection. Leverage the flexibility of various communication protocols supported by our robots! Reduce development time needed for a customized interface for your inspection platform.

Optimize the design of your automated robot inspection systems

Mecademic robots enable more flexibility in the design of your automated robot inspection systems, especially when working with small components. Our robot arms are smaller and more compact than any other robots on the market, letting you to fit them exactly where you like. They are also mountable in various orientations, minimizing design constraints. Their ultra light-weight design removes the need for large support systems, freeing more space for your inspection application. Benefit from a minimal footprint within the robot cell!

Standardize your application as an OEM product platform

Mecademic offers you the possibility of scaling down your automated robot inspection systems which are typically customized according to the product. With a compact footprint, flexible mounting options, and easy-to-program robot slave device, you can standardize your inspection cell design as an OEM product. Customizing the process only with a standard OEM product platform enables our customers to build custom machines on top of an OEM platform at reduced costs and minimal development time.

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