Automate with a smaller footprint

Use the Meca500 as a component

Save space

Thanks to our amazingly compact robot arms, you can now automate in small confined spaces, which enables you to innovate your product or improve your production line.

Gain precision

Since our six-axis small robot arms move with micrometer repeatability, they enable you to automate high-precision tasks and delicate manipulations with guaranteed efficiency.

Discover simplicity

With no proprietary robot programming language to learn but a simple yet powerful communication protocol, you will never worry again about training courses.

What we can do for you

We offer a unique solution to positioning and manipulation in small confined spaces, an intelligent alternative to fixed automation. Our small robot arms are most often integrated into a final product (e.g., a machine), installed on a production line or used as a desktop tool. We enable a whole new range of processes, products and discoveries that were impossible before. We provide you with the smallest, most compact and precise 6-axis industrial robot, the indispensable component for your small parts automation project.

Upcoming Events

You can see the Meca500 robot arm in action at the following upcoming events:
Vision, Robotics & Motion 2017 Vision, Robotics & Motion 2017
Booth 226 (ESPS)
Veldhoven, The Netherlands
June 14-15, 2017
Booth H89 (Horosys)
Booth H94 (maxon motor)
Geneva, Switzerland
June 20-23, 2017