Precision automation for small, confined spaces

Extra-small precision robot arm

The Meca500 is the most compact and most accurate 6‑axis robot arm on the market, which makes it perfect for industrial and laboratory automation in small, confined spaces. This industrial robotic arm has a payload of 500 g and a repeatability of 5 micrometers. The Meca500's controller is embedded in its base and can be easily interfaced through an Ethernet connection. The robot can thus be controlled in various programming languages.

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The Meca500 robot arm is now available

After sucessfully completing a series of tests proving the reliability of our Meca500, we started shipping the robot to businesses in Europe and North America. To get updates, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Now you can automate almost anything

For decades, most industrial robots were big, heavy machines with huge controller cabinets. Even today, a "small industrial robot" system weighs at least 20 kg. We just created a brand new category in industrial robotics for high-precision robots smaller than "small" and more compact than "compact."

Key features:

  • ultracompact (no controller cabinet);
  • extremely precise (0.005 mm repeatability);
  • very easy to interface and use;
  • highly cost-effective;
  • made in Canada.

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