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MCS500 SCARA Robot

Optimize space, cycle time, and costs with the world’s most compact SCARA robot. Stay tuned for the upcoming release of our newest robot arm!

The SCARA robot arm is Mecademic’s newest industrial robot. Built under the same philosophy as our Meca500, our SCARA robot is a tiny, highly precise, and easy-to-integrate automation component. This small industrial robot is even faster than our six-axis model, making it a great choice for maximum throughput and high-precision applications. With fast cycle times at competitively large payloads, our SCARA is ideal for a variety of applications including pick and place, assembly, lab automation, semiconductor, and more. This robot is unique in that it offers a combination of simplicity, precision, and high performance at significantly lower overall costs than competitive models.

Power supply of SCARA robot

Key Benefits

What are the benefits of using Mecademic’s SCARA robot?

Optimize cycle time

With speeds of up to 3,000 mm/s, our SCARA robot’s high-performance design ensures faster cycle time and maximum throughput.

Minimize factory space

With a built-in controller, Mecademic’s SCARA robot is more compact than any four-axis industrial robot on the market.

Benefit from precision

Engineered with the same philosophy as our Meca500, the world’s most precise industrial robot, our SCARA robot offers high precision at even faster speeds.

Choose simplicity and flexibility

Our SCARA robot is a plug‑and‑work automation component that is very easy to integrate with any computer or PLC, and any programming language. Unlike most competitive models, Mecademic’s SCARA robot can be mounted on a table top or upside down, for use in a wide variety of settings.

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Minimize industrial robot integration costs

Lower your initial cost

All Mecademic small industrial robot arms come with lifetime firmware updates and do not require any software licenses.

Minimize maintenance costs

Our SCARA robot does not require any battery changes over its entire lifetime due to its use of absolute encoders.

Save on factory space

Our SCARA robot’s small size and embedded controller ensures a tiny overall footprint and reduces space per unit costs.

Reduce logistics costs

Integrating our SCARA robot is quick and easy, which cuts the costs of installation and training.



Robot arm

Reach: 225 mm

Z stroke: 100 mm

Payload: 0.5 kg rated (max. 1 kg)

Weight: 4.3 kg

Tool interface: standard, 8 mm OD

Mounting: Tabletop or ceiling


Maximum XY speed: 3,000 mm/s

Maximum Z speed: 900 mm/s

Maximum orientation speed: 5,000 °/s


The SCARA robot’s controller is embedded in its palm-sized base. There is no bulky controller cabinet, teach pendant, or any messy cables. The robot's tiny footprint makes it a great choice for small spaces.


This robot is equipped with the market’s best zero-backlash speed reducers and high-resolution encoders. Its structural components are precision machined, precision assembled, and inspected at Mecademic.


Simply connect the robot to any computer or PLC via the Ethernet cable provided, and use a programming language of your choice (Java, C#, Python, etc.).

Users may communicate with the robot via EtherCAT, ensuring guaranteed response times. Alternatively, users may send Mecademic's proprietary commands to the robot arm (as parsed strings) over TCP/IP. The commands are typical robot instructions such as MoveLin(x,y,z,α,β,γ). Similarly, the robot's controller sends back strings with various types of feedback.

The robot’s controller features an intuitive web interface for operation. It can be accessed via a web browser.

Communication protocols: TCP/IP, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP

Power supply and safety

The SCARA robot comes with an external power supply that has an embedded safety module with an E-Stop and safety I/O interface.

Supply voltage: 90-250 VAC, 50-60 Hz, single phase 7 A

Safety module: Cat. 3 / PL d

Made in Canada


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