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Automate robotic dispensing with accuracy and consistency

Are you looking to automate the application of sealants, adhesives, or lubricants? Explore Mecademic’s products for robotic dispensing automation featuring maximum precision.

Dispensing with the Meca500


Why choose Mecademic for robotic dispensing automation?

Optimize your system design

Mecademic robots enable more flexibility in the design of your dispensing system in several ways. They are smaller and more compact than any other benchtop dispensing robots on the market, letting you fit them exactly where you need them. They can also be mounted in various orientations, further minimizing design constraints. Their ultra light-weight design removes the need for bulky support systems, freeing more space for your dispensing application.

Improve dispensing consistency and product quality

With a path repeatability of 0.050 mm and a position repeatability of 0.005 mm, Mecademic robots guarantee improved quality and consistency of your product. Less errors in production leads to a reduction in material waste, saving further costs. Pair our robots with a precision dispenser of your choice to further optimize your robotic dispensing systems.

Increase dispensing throughput

Our robots require no maintenance, battery changes, or oil replacements, keeping your robotic dispensing application running 24/7. They are also easily swappable when calibrated, without the need to be re-taught. This further reduces downtime.

Save development time

Mecademic robots have a path accuracy of 0.5 mm at 100 mm/s, which enables you to save time fine-tuning your dispensing paths. The robots are also very easy to program and require no training courses, saving you further time on setting up you robotic dispensing systems.

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