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Automate robotic assembly with high precision

Looking for a robotic assembly solution for tasks such as inserting small parts, screwing vial caps, applying stickers, or driving screws? Automate your assembly application with Mecademic’s high-precision, flexible robotic solutions.

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Why choose Mecademic robot arms for robotic assembly automation?

Enjoy flexibility in assembly system design

Mecademic robots give you the luxury of installing an automated assembly line in small benchtop settings without needing large factory spaces. Unlike conventional industrial robots, Mecademic robot arms don’t need bulky equipment or support systems. With their small footprint, embedded controllers, and ability to be mounted in different orientations, our robots offer more flexibility in assembly system design. Easily integrate our robots without the need to make significant adaptations to their system design.

Assemble using almost any end-of-arm-tooling

Finding the right EOAT can often be another complicated puzzle piece to your automated assembly line design. With the Meca500, you have the flexibility of using virtually any third-party EOAT for your assembly applications. Third-party pneumatic EOAT can be controlled by any PC, PLC, or directly from our robots using our optional pneumatic module. Alternatively, you can assemble using Mecademic’s miniature electric gripper, the MEGP 25E. Our robots can carry payloads of up to 1 kg.

Implement force control routines

Thanks to our velocity control mode, you can easily implement a force control routine by converting forces and torques sensed by an external force/torque sensor (such as ATI's) to linear and angular velocity vectors. This lets you use force sensing for delicate insertions in your robotic automated assembly application.

Meet tight tolerance requirements

Mecademic robots are ultra precise and can move their end-effectors with increments of 1 micrometer. With a position repeatability of 5 micrometers, they are ideal for performing delicate small part assembly line automation operations requiring close tolerances and maximum precision.

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