At Mecademic, we strive to give you easy access to comprehensive resources to make robotic automation easier, faster, and cheaper. 

Our goal is  to continuously innovate and improve our products, while providing our users with new helpful resources about our products and robotics in general.

Why was our website revamped?

In the wake of increasing demand for Mecademic robots from customers around the world as well as novel resources developed by our team, it was about time to update our website. We look forward to better serve our clientele as well as assist those around the world looking to automate for the first time, optimize existing automation processes, or learn about the automation and robotics industries.

With these goals in mind, our new website provides a holistic library of never-before-seen robotics resources to help users start automating quickly, easily, and at lower costs. Users will now have access to invaluable tutorials, practical information, as well as a selection of robotics and automation products from both Mecademic and third parties. So out with the old and in with the new… Please welcome our new website, designed to serve your needs better than ever before! 

What are some useful pages to explore?



Here you will find  brochures, manuals, firmware files, and CAD files for each of our products. Learn more.


Read tutorials, How-To articles, and programming examples written by our robotics experts.
Learn more.


Explore Mecademic products including our Meca500 robot, our upcoming SCARA robot, the custom gripper and pneumatic module, as well as several accessories such as our adapter plate, kinematic stop, joystick, and travel cases. Learn more.


Ever wondered which EAOTs, vision systems, feeders, controls, software, peripherals, and other components to use with our robots? Browse our MecaNetwork to find the tools you need to build your application. Learn more.

Case Studies & Blog

Mecademic Blog

Looking for a good read? Browse through our articles to learn about our clients’ experiences, our products, and the industry. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated! Learn more.


Have an application in mind but don’t know where to start? Want to learn more about the use of robotics in your industry? Our industry and application pages provide plenty of useful points. Learn more.

Where can I access old downloads?

The new resources section contains all the files (and more) that were on the old website. Although we have redirected most old web addresses, some are no longer valid. Please refer to the new website for downloads.

Will there be new features and developments?

Yes, additional sections and resources will be added in the coming months. Events, downloadable webinars, media and press kits, as well as dedicated pages for each of our valued MecaNetwork partners are coming soon. More case studies, tutorials, and other useful content are also on the way.

How was the website made?

The website development project was led by Mecademic’s marketing manager, Maria Sergo, in collaboration with internal robotics experts such as Ilian Bonev, as well as external UX designers and web developers from La Grange. All content was written internally and fact checked by our team of automation engineers. 

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