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Automated machine tending with a simple setup

Are you looking for an automated machine tending solution to feed components in and out of a laser engraving machine, metrology system, or machine tool? Mecademic’s robot arms are ideal for easily loading and unloading your machines using minimum production space and with minimum costs.

Machine tending for the watchmaking industry
MicroLean Lab


Why choose Mecademic robot arms for automated machine tending?

Tend equipment without obstructing it

Our robots are unbelievably small, compact, light, and can be mounted in different orientations. With their tiny footprint and extensive flexibility, they can be installed directly onto or inside a machine. Try them with one of the custom-made protective sleeves for harsh-environments!

Interface with ease

Our robots are designed as slaves and are very easy to commission and control. As slave automation components, our robots can be controlled by your machine, and not the other way around. You can send commands to the robots via TCP/IP, EtherCAT or EtherNet/IP!

Choose from multiple grippers

Whether you prefer to use Mecademic’s miniature electric gripper or a third-party technology, our robots are easy to integrate with almost any gripper. Control pneumatic grippers or vacuum generators from the robot itself using our pneumatic module or from your PC/PLC. For an easy gripping solution without cables or pneumatic tubing, try the SCHUNK ADHESO.

Easily increase transfer distances

Installing Mecademic robots onto linear stages is a convenient and affordable way to increase transfer distances without compromising precision and without the hassle and higher costs associated with using a bigger robot. Due to their tiny weight and size, our robots are easy to transport without compromising repeatability. 

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