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Automated electronics manufacturing

Looking to improve production quality and yield of consumer devices, semiconductors, fiber optics, or industrial equipment products? Mecademic robot arms are precise solutions for handling display screens, assembling connectors, building circuit boards, performing inspections, dispensing sealants or adhesives, and packing finished products. Learn more on how our robots improve automated electronics manufacturing processes to maximize consistency, throughput, and manufacturing flexibility.

Why choose Mecademic robot arms for automated electronics manufacturing?

Easily integrate robots into existing manufacturing infrastructure

In electronics manufacturing there is an increasing need for reasonably priced robots that are reconfigurable to multiple product designs and interchangeable with human labour. Our goal is to give manufacturers such flexibility with robots that are easy to integrate into your existing infrastructure. While most robotic solutions take time to implement, Mecademic robots can quickly interface with other equipment and fit into any work cell. Commission our robots to manufacture multiple products using the same production system, and boost throughput without additional training or development costs. Pair them with flexible feeding systems to accelerate bin picking and ensure parts are presented in a structured way.

Quickly adapt to shorter product life cycles with modular robots

The electronics manufacturing industry is extremely competitive, with new technology released constantly. The resulting shrinking product life cycles require a manufacturing solution that is flexible enough to adapt to frequent product redesigns. Mecademic robots are modular, making them easy to reconfigure to multiple product life cycles and quickly switch between product variants. This reduces time to market and saves costs previously allocated to designing new manufacturing systems. If consumer demands change quickly, your manufacturing system will be easily redeployable, reducing your financial risks.

Improve production quality and yield

Electronics manufacturing is increasingly complex as components and circuits are becoming smaller. With the dawn of miniaturization, a common challenge in this industry is finding a solution that can handle very small, delicate parts at high speeds while maintaining ultra precise placement. Luckily, Mecademic robots are designed to meet these high precision and throughput needs. With a repeatability of 5 micrometers, Mecademic robot arms are the world’s most precise. You can be sure that they will perform every cycle identically, producing consistent and high quality products, and hopefully lowering the rate of customer product returns.

Lower ownership costs

In addition to coming at a reasonable price, our robots will lower your manufacturing automation costs over time. Since they are easy to integrate and let you use multiple industrial fieldbus protocols out of the box, development time and training costs will be a fraction of that of other automation solutions. Their reconfigurable design makes it easy to change products and batch sizes without additional development costs. This lets you perfect your product design before the robots are put into production. In addition to being very energy efficient (consuming 30W for a typical motion cycle), they are tiny in size. This reduces factory and space-per-unit costs.

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Common applications of Mecademic robots in electronics manufacturing

PCB and parts assembly

Whether it is to do component placement or circuit board microassembly, Mecademic robots are ideal for delicate tasks requiring part-to-part variation. Simply pair them with high-resolution vision systems to locate features within a few dozen micrometers, and force sensors to finesse parts into place using appropriate pressure. Integrating flexible feeders will give additional versatility to electronic assembly systems.

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With the increasing circuit complexity in today’s electronics industry, more manufacturers are turning to automated inspection. Mecademic robots can reliably ensure correct component alignment, check solder joint quality, read unique identification codes for product traceability, and more. For example, you can use an IR camera to look for hot spots signaling premature failure in circuit boards.

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Functional and probe testing

Impedance testing of PCBs are usually high throughput applications that involve human intervention for cost effective operations. These processes require a lot of flexibility and precision. Mecademic is an ideal solution for precise and accurate repeat testing as well as for locating issues and identifying repair needs. Perform touch-screen functional testing by commissioning our robots to apply consistent pressure on precise locations with identical durations on every cycle. 

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Adhesive or sealant dispensing

If your electronic product requires sealants or coating to protect it against degradation, vibration and temperature, our robots perform dispensing with high part-to-part repeatability and minimal waste. Our clients choose our robots to dispense complex 2D or 3D trajectories, or to manipulate parts under a dispenser. Many manufacturers also use Mecademic robots to apply adhesives to reliably secure components or screens.

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AOI Machine tending

If your application involves tending parts for Automated Optical Inspection machines, Mecademic robots can simplify and add reliability to such processes. Use them to micro-manipulate electronic components like SMT devices, unload PCBs, and more.

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Wire bonding, wire stripping, and soldering

Due to their precision and tiny size, our robots are a great fit for tasks involving laser soldering and wire bonding fine micro-leads to sensitive electronics and PCBs.


Electronics assembly operations often involve fastening tasks. Pairing our robots with electronic screwdrivers lets you perform high throughput fastening applications with unparalleled reliability. Try the Atlas Copco MicroTorque QMC series fixtured current controlled screw drives or explore other options in our MecaNetwork!


Looking to kit and pack assembled products, or to palletize packages into cartons? Mecademic robots improve the consistency, speed, efficiency of such processes. They also take up very little factory space, and reduce potential damages to sensitive components from mishandling or human error.

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