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Industrial Robot Accessories and Tools

Easily integrate your Mecademic industrial robot using our range of accessories and tools. Custom-made exclusively for Mecademic robots!

Adapter Plate for T‑Slotted Framing

Does your application feature aluminum extrusions? Use our adapter plate to mount your Meca500 robot to the extrusions. Our Meca500 robot arm’s power supply may be mounted onto the adapter plate as well. The plate is perfect for T-slotted aluminum extrusions. It features several countersunk holes for M8 flat head screws as well as three Dowel pins, enabling an economic kinematic constraint. You may attach our adapter plates to virtually any T‑slotted aluminum framing with two or three M8 screws, or to 45‑mm models with four M8 screws.

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Adjustable Kinematic Stops

Need to temporarily remove your robot from your set-up? With our kinematic stops, you won’t need to readjust your program every time a robot is reinstalled. The stop has an integrated fine adjustment screw, which can also be used for alignment. Each stop comes with two M6 screws and works only with metric optical breadboards. Three stops are required for each object that you wish to constrain.

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Demo Case

Looking to easily transport and demonstrate your Meca500 robot? Take advantage of our sturdy demo case with custom-made protective foaming and removable aluminum plate. The 8 mm thick plate has four M6 threaded holes and three positioning pins for mounting the Meca500, and a 10 × 12 grid of M6 threaded holes equally spaced at 25 mm. The case is waterproof (IPX7) and dustproof (IP6X). It is ideal for distributors or integrators performing demo visits, as well as professors transporting the robot between classes and research facilities. The case is the size of a carry-on luggage, with exterior dimensions of 559 mm × 356 mm × 229 mm, and meets cabin requirements on most airlines. It has wheels and a retractable handle, and once loaded with a complete Meca500 system inside, the case weighs 15 kg.

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Storage/Travel Hard Case

If the demo case is too big for you and you only need to safely store and occasionally transport your Meca500, discover our lightweight hard case with custom-made protective foaming. This protective case is also waterproof (IPX7) and dustproof (IP6X). With exterior dimensions of 503 mm × 406 mm × 193 mm, it is only slightly bigger than a briefcase, and once loaded with a complete Meca500 system inside, the case weighs only 9 kg.

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USB Joystick

The Mecademic web interface supports external six-axis and three-axis USB joysticks. Connect them to your PC and use them for jogging our robots via their web interface. You may use 3Dconnexion’s six-axis SpaceMouse. However Mecademic’s three-axis joystick is better suited for precise manipulation thanks to its Hall effect sensors and stiffer springs.

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