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  • Pneumatic Module MPM500

    Pneumatic Module MPM500

    Mecademic’s pneumatic module MPM500 is designed specifically for the Meca500 (R3) and allows you to interface the robot with various pneumatic tools. The module consists of two 3-way 2-position normally closed solenoid valves. The valves share the same pressure port (IN) and exhaust port (OUT) but can be independently controlled directly from the robot.  …

  • MEGP 25E electric parallel gripper

    MEGP 25E electric parallel gripper

    Developed in collaboration with SCHUNK, Mecademic’s MEGP 25E electric parallel gripper is fully integrated with the Meca500 robot. In addition to using integrated open and close commands, you can adjust the force and velocity of the grip. The electric gripper is supplied with an adapter plate. You can choose between two cables: one with 90°…

  • MEGP 25LS electric parallel gripper

    MEGP 25LS electric parallel gripper
  • MicroDASH MCS500

  • Meca500 Robot Arm

    Meca500 Robot Arm

    Meca500 Documents Ultra small, incredibly precise and simple to use. Boost production with the Meca500 – the smallest, most precise 6-axis industrial robot arm. Plug-and-work, easy integration with any computer or PLC. Simplify automation! The Meca500 is by far the smallest and most compact six-axis industrial robot arm in the world. It is also the…