Distribution channels

Mecademic has already delivered more than five hundred Meca500 robots in Canada, USA, Mexico, UK, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Russia, Israel, New-Zealand, Australia, India, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan. We can deal directly with businesses and academic institutions. We also offer you the possibility of working with one of our distributors and/or integrators to have access to local live demonstrations, training and after-sales service.

North America

Sure Controls logo

Sure Controls

Located in Wisconsin (USA), Sure Controls provides industrial process solutions and automation products that enable “World Class Manufacturing”. With 30 years of serving manufacturing companies, Sure Controls has extensive experience on micro automation.

Mechatronic Solutions logo

Mechatronic Solutions

Based in Minnesota (USA), Mechatronic Solutions is an automation technology provider, specialized in mechatronics, robotics, motion control, pneumatics, and embedded computing. It has been involved in hundreds of automation projects in every major industry.

GoldStar Automation logo

GoldStar Automation

Based in Ohio (USA), GoldStar Automation provides state-of-the-art factory automation components and systems (precision motors and actuators, robotic solutions, material handling, ID marking & reading), assists in quality initiatives and simplifies data acquisition.

In-Position Technologies logo

In-Position Technologies

With offices in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah and California (USA), In-Position Technologies is a machine automation company specializing in motion control and machine vision, with expertise in positioning systems.

Industrial Control logo

Industrial Control

Based in Michigan (USA), Industrial Control is a supplier of factory automation components and solutions, specializing in machine vision, barcoding, motion control, PLCs, HMIs, and sensors.

Gibson Engineering logo

Gibson Engineering

Based near Boston, in Massachusetts (USA), Gibson Engineering is a leading solutions provider for world-class manufacturers of industrial automation products such as robots, sensors, machine vision, and safeguarding.

Advanced Motion Systems logo

Advanced Motion Systems

Based in New York (USA), Advanced Motion Systems provides motion control solutions for applications ranging from basic machine control to processes that require submicron positioning, machine vision, lighting, safety, automation and robots.

Olympus Controls logo

Olympus Controls

Headquartered in Oregon (USA) and with satellite offices servicing the states of Washington, California, Texas, Iowa, Montana, Louisiana, and Oklahoma, Olympus Controls specializes in the integration of motion control, machine vision, and robotic technologies.

Adams logo


Headquartered in Florida (USA), Adams has been a strong leader in the fluid power industry since the company was established in 1960 and has grown to be a leader in automation as well. The company services Florida, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

BlueBay Automation logo

BlueBay Automation

Headquartered in Tennessee (USA), BlueBay Automation, formed on the principles of mechatronics, provides automation, robotic and networking solutions with world class products backed by an extensive selection of value-added services.

Tek-Matic logo


Headquartered in Illinois (USA), Tek-Matic is providing engineered robotic and dispensing automation solutions to a wide variety of high-tech industries, including biomedicine, defense, food production, environmental sciences, and laboratory R&D.

Power-Motion logo


With offices in Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas (USA), Power-Motion is a leading automation solution provider servicing the Mid-West. Power-Motion's sales and engineering staff specialize in motion control, including multi-axis servos, linear actuators and robotics, and in non-contact sensors and machine vision.


ESPS logo


Based in the Netherlands, ESPS offers a diverse range of solutions for industrial automation projects. Test systems, robot integration and modular automation are all provided with training and after-sales service. ESPS' Robotic Experience Center displays some of the latest “Smart Industry” technology.



Based in Switzerland, HOROSYS is an integrator specialized in microtechnique, microassembly, desktop machine development, and precision & metrology instrumentation. HOROSYS can assist in the development of projects from the idea to the end product, and then provide after-sales services.

Gritec logo


Based in Switzerland, GRITEC is an integrator developing sophisticated mechanical, mechatronic, electronic and software solutions for industrial and technology companies. GRITEC implements high-tech products, machines and equipment from the prototype to series production.

NEXT Robotics logo


Based in Germany, NEXT robotics is the successor to FREI Technik + System GmbH. NEXT robotics focuses on the industrial as well as research & academic markets, distributes robotic technologies and helps plan projects involving light-weight robotics.

ZL&Iacture;N ROBOTICS logo


Based in the Czech Republic, ZLÍN ROBOTICS focuses on distribution, system integration and service of unique robotic technologies. ZLíN ROBOTICS is a subsidiary of TNS SERVIS, a contract manufacturer specializing in serial production and assembly, mainly for the automotive, electronics and lighting industries.

Acrovision logo


Based in the UK, Acrovision is a leading supplier of components and solutions for automatic identification. Acrovision specializes in the field of Direct Part Marking and Identification (DPMI) and distributes industrial barcode readers, camera vision inspection systems, laser markers and small robot arms.

Modular Automation logo

Modular Automation

Headquartered in Ireland, but also with an office in Florida, USA, Modular Automation is an integrator of robot and vision systems. Modular's team of over 150 engineers has integrated more than 300 industrial robots, many for the world's most progressive medical device manufacturers.

Viska Systems logo

Viska Systems

Headquartered in Ireland, Viska Systems designs and builds customized automated high-accuracy manufacturing and metrology measurement systems for the medical device, electronics, semi-conductor, and research industries.

Axysto logo


Based in Belgium but servicing France too, Axysto is a distributor of robots and robot tooling (grippers, tool changers, hose packages, etc.). Axysto is the system company of Axymatic, a robot integrator specializing in the automotive, pharmaceutical, and food sectors.

Homberger logo


Based in Italy and founded more than a century ago, Homberger specializes in the wholesale distribution of industrial machinery and equipment. Homberger's Motion Control division supports the integration of automation components, including collaborative robots.


Automated Micron Assembly logo


With offices in Singapore and Thailand, Automated Micron Assembly (AMA) provides comprehensive products and solutions in the field of motion control, robotics, semiconductors, precision measurements and instrumentation.

JungWoo Corporation logo

JungWoo Corporation

Based in South Korea, JungWoo Corporation (JWC) is a major supplier of high-precision factory automation components such as linear motors, servo motors and drives, planetary gearheads, screw jack systems, and robots.

Solomon logo


Based in Taiwan and with multiple service locations around the Asia-Pacific region and in China, Solomon Technology Corporation is a distributor focusing on electrical power, industrial automation products, display panels, and electronic components.

Ilan and Gavish logo

Ilan & Gavish

Based in Israel, The Ilan & Gavish Company provides solutions for the supply of components, planning, consulting and implementation of automation and controls and profiles systems for a wide spectrum of industrial sectors.

Motion Technique logo

Motion Technique

Based in India, Motion Technique is a premier local supplier of high-precision indexing systems, such as Cam indexers, indexing tables, oscillators, and pick & place units. Motion Technique also supplies custom designed automation equipment.

Nihon Binary logo

Nihon Binary

Based in Japan, Nihon Binary is a leading supplier of unique, advanced technologies such as non-traditional robots, VR systems, medical equipment, and inspection systems to the industrial, medical imaging, research and academic markets.