6-Axis Industrial Robot Arm

5 µm

Position Repeatability

0.5 kg

Rated Payload

330 mm


1 µm


The Meca500 is by far the smallest and most compact six-axis industrial robot arm. It is also the most precise one. And unlike most other industrial robots - which are usually complex stand-alone systems - the Meca500 is a plug-and-work automation component. Our robot is a slave component rather than a master, which makes it very easy to integrate via any computer or PLC. The Meca500 doesn’t require any training courses, software installations, or additional options to purchase. It’s that simple!

Examples of use cases

Inspection & Testing

Extremely precise and easy to control, the Meca500 is often the most obvious choice for inspection & testing applications. Scientists can program and control the Meca500 in Python or any other modern programming language directly from their laptop and many complete their application in only a few hours. Chances are that your favorite smartphone or VR headset were designed thanks to our Meca500. But the Meca500 is also used to test very large parts, such as pipes, with the robot arm being mounted on a mobile robot.

Lab Automation

Though there are robotic platforms specifically designed for lab automation, the Meca500 is often preferred for handling test samples, when modularity is desired or when footprint is an issue. When larger distances need to be traveled, users employ conveyors or mount the Meca500 on a linear guide.



Programming languages:

Programming languages:


Minimize footprint

The Meca500 is smaller than any industrial robot arm. Featuring an embedded controller, it is also unbelievably compact.

Benefit from flexibility

The robot is easy to mount in any orientation. It automatically compensates for gravity, without requiring any software adjustments. This added flexibility enables easy integration in a wide variety of settings.

Facilitate robot arm integration

The Meca500 is a plug‑and‑work automation component, easy to interface with any computer or PLC. Easily operate the robot using any programming language you prefer.

Reduce tolerances​

Built with precision-machined aluminum and zero-backlash gearboxes, the Meca500 is the world’s most precise six-axis robot. It boasts a repeatability of 5 μm.​

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