Automate 2024: A Showcase of Innovation and Collaboration


automate 2024 convention attendees

Last week’s Automate 2024 Trade Show was a remarkable event, brimming with the latest advancements in automation technology. As a leading force in micro-automation, we were thrilled to be part of this dynamic exhibition, showcasing our cutting-edge solutions and engaging with industry peers. The event provided an excellent platform to highlight our commitment to innovation and the collaborative spirit that drives our success.

Hands-On Demos: Experiencing Innovation Live

Our booth was designed to focus on attendee engagement and interactive experiences. We created an immersive environment where visitors could test our compact industrial robots and proprietary web interface, the MecaPortal, firsthand. This setup allowed attendees to appreciate our solutions’ seamless integration and user-friendly nature.

demo application of meca500 robot remotely controlled

One of the standout features of our booth was the Haply showcase, where visitors could use the Haply haptic device to control the Meca500 in a mixed-reality environment. This interactive demo was a hit, demonstrating the precision and versatility of our robotics uniquely and engagingly.

Collaborative Innovation: Partnering for Success

Our collaboration with partners at the show resulted in several innovative exhibits. A particular highlight was our demonstration with Planar Motor, featuring four Meca500 robots assembling and testing multiple cell phones. The cellphones moved between stations on a Planar Motors Mover (xBot), showcasing a seamless and efficient assembly line:

  • One robot dispensed glue.
  • Another soldered a connector.
  • A third tested connections.
  • The fourth performed a laser inspection.

multiple meca500 robots application demo

This exhibit captivated attendees, showcasing our robots’ advanced capabilities and precision in a real-world application.

Unveiling the Meca500-OBSI: Revolutionizing Optics Manufacturing

We proudly announced the launch of our latest product, the Meca500-OBSI (Optical Black Surface Infrared). This anodized 6-axis robot arm addresses significant challenges in optics manufacturing and AI vision systems, where light reflection can cause measurement inaccuracies and safety hazards. By minimizing these reflective issues, the Meca500-OBSI enables faster production load times.

optically black treated meca500 robot

“After working with beta customers to confirm the effectiveness and positive impact of this solution, we are excited to introduce the Meca500-OBSI to all our customers,” said Philippe Beaulieu, EVP | CCO of Mecademic. ” As the only light-absorbing 6-axis robot in its class, the Meca500-OBSI offers unique value, especially for automation processes highly impacted by light reflection such as optics and photonics.”

Event Highlights: From Panels to Performances

One of the fun and creative showcases at our booth was the Star Wars display, where our Meca500 robots performed like “actors.” This display highlighted our robots’ versatility and precise movements, delighting the audience and demonstrating our technology in an entertaining format.

demo application with two meca500 robots

We also hosted a Breakfast Panel & Networking Session with Investment Quebec, The Quebec Government Office in Chicago, Vooban, and Haply. This session featured industry experts discussing how different manufacturing synergies are reshaping the future of automation. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog, which will delve into the insights shared during this session.

Partner Collaborations: Expanding Our Reach

Additionally, our solutions were featured in eight other booths, thanks to our valued partners:

  • Harmonic Drive: Precision in motion with custom-engineered servo actuators and gear solutions.
  • KEBA: Innovating automation with user-friendly solutions tailored to diverse industry needs.
  • Asyril: Swiss excellence in flexible feeding systems with advanced 3-axis vibration technology.
  • Zaber: Affordable, integrated precision positioning devices for photonics and life sciences.
  • ReeR: Pioneering safety sensors and light curtains for industrial safety.
  • Kistler: Leading in dynamic measurement technology for pressure, force, and acceleration sensing.
  • Haply: Bridging digital and physical worlds with touch-enabled tools, enhancing human capabilities.

Bota Systems: Empowering Robots with a Sense of Touch

We were excited to co-exhibit with Bota Systems, a leader in developing and manufacturing multi-axis force-torque sensors, torque sensors, and custom sensors. Bota Systems’ vision is for robots to work and move as naturally and freely as humans, giving machines the sense of touch. Their accomplished team of robotic, software, and mechanical engineers continually develops advanced sensors to support various applications, streamlining processes for research and industry. At Automate 2024, Bota Systems showcased three force-sensitive applications: precise polishing on a bench grinder, adaptable deburring with force-based contour following, and flexible assembly and product testing, including automated cable insertion and life-cycle testing.

Looking Ahead: Join Us at Future Events

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our partners and attendees for making Automate 2024 a resounding success. Your enthusiasm and engagement drive us to continue innovating and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in micro-automation. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events, including the W3+ Fair in Jena, Germany, on September 24-25, 2024, and ATX in Montreal in November 2024.

For more information on our products or if you wish to discuss potential collaborations, contact us today!