Montréal, August 2, 2021 — When Montréal's Science Centre reopens this fall, there will be a nice little surprise for its visitors: An interactive, dancing robot! 

But this playful microrobot is much more than meets the eye. It's part of Mecademic Robotics' series of robots called the Meca500—the world's smallest, most compact, and precise six-axis industrial robotic arms. Designed and built-in Montréal using the industry's highest quality components, the Meca500 is programming language agnostic, boasts a repeatability of 0,005 mm, and has an integrated controller in its base.

“This is one high calibre robot. It’s an exceptional opportunity for us to have it and make it accessible to the public,” says Élisabeth Monast Moreau, the Explore exhibition's project manager.

An Experiential Learning Experience

To animate the robot, TKNL "The Experience Makers" were charged with creating a big-eyed screen face and programming all the dance moves. TKNL’s multimedia programmer Frédéric-Daniel Plourde explains: "Meca500 has a camera that sees the colour combinations on each block placed in front of it. Every colour combination is programmed into its system and assigned a specific move. Once the camera transmits the colour combination, Meca500 executes the move.” 

"Essentially, by placing colour-coded tiles, each corresponding to a specific robot action, kids will be able to make their first industrial robot program," says Ilian Bonev Robotics Professor at ÉTS, and Mecademic co-founder. 

For Mecademic and the Montreal Science Centre alike, the love of all things science is about exploration and having fun along the way. 

"Mecademic is delighted that children and youth will get to interact with our robot in such a play-friendly way. As robots become increasingly ubiquitous across industries, we hope this gets young people interested in exploring robotics and careers in STEM," adds Leila Kayali, Mecademic's Marketing Director. 

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