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Robot Simulation Software

Browse a selection of robot simulation software and offline programming tools to design and test your workcell with Meca500 robots. Simulation software is a key component to any automation project. It lets you develop your proof of concepts before deciding on the right robot for your application. Use it to test the reach and motion of different robots in your environment, or to test and optimize your programs even after a robot has been selected.

Logo of RoboDK Read Company & Product Profile

RoboDK is a powerful offline robot simulator with an extensive inventory of robots. Cost-effective and easy to use, RoboDK integrates seamlessly with Mecademic robots. Programs created in RoboDK for Mecademic robots can be exported as a Python file and run on the physical robot. RoboDK can also be used to control Mecademic robots directly.

RoboDK with Meca500
Logo of Artiminds Read Company & Product Profile

ArtiMinds Robot Programming Suite (RPS) combines online- and offline-programming to solve challenging robot tasks without writing a single line of source code. Integrate end effectors, force sensors, vision systems and PLC communication to easily create flexible automation solutions.

Logo of Drag & Bot Read Company & Product Profile

An online robot programming software, Drag & Bot is an easy way to program a multitude of different robots. It also supports various grippers, force sensors, vision systems, and other components. Mecademic robots and Drag & Bot can be used together to integrate all your workcell components in record time.

Drag & Bot with Meca500
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A fully fledged simulation software for manufacturing, Visual Components can not only simulate most robots, but also most other automation equipment. With Visual Components, you can plan the whole layout of your production floor or simulate a particular application for the Meca500.

Visual components
Visual components