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Robot Arm Peripherals

Browse a selection of robot arm peripherals to use with your Meca500 robot arm.

Logo of Vention

Modular automation hardware

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Vention offers two different mounting plates for the Meca500 that are compatible with their modular automation hardware but you can also mount our equipment directly on their table top extrusions using their M6 Drop-in T-Nuts. Vention's hardware includes various T-slotted aluminum extrusion building elements, but also linear and rotary actuators, controllers, and even teach pendants. Most importantly, Vention offers a cloud-based 3D platform for rapidly designing your automation cell. You can then order it online at the click of a button! 

Vention table with Meca500 robot
Vention vertical guide with Meca500 robot
Vention mobile cell with Meca500 robot
Tessella Automation's logo

Precision 3D Robot Mounting Configurable Surface

Tessella Automation offers a patent pending precision 3D robot platform (PISMO) designed for small precise robots like the Meca500. Users can quickly configure their robot cell using modular inserts such as cameras, lighting, barcode readers, actuators, pneumatics, and breadboard and T-Slot plates, for a variety of applications. PISMO is designed for high stiffness and low mass, and its surface flatness is better than 0.1 mm over 600 mm.

Tessella Automation's PISMO with the Meca500 robot
Tessella Automation's PISMO precision surface
A breadboard plate, one of Tessella Automation's several PISMO modules
A camera module, one of Tessella Automation's several PISMO modules
Logo of 3Dconnexion


While originally designed for CAD software, the SpaceMouse from 3Dconnexion is a 6-axis USB joystick that can be used to jog the Meca500 via the robot's web interface. All of the several different models are supported in the web interface.

Wireless SpaceMouse
3DConnexion Spacemouse
SpaceMouse Module
Logo of Horosys

IP65 robot sleeve

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Specially developed for the Meca500 by Horosys, the HoroBot B500 sleeve guarantees optimum protection without impeding the robot’s precision. It is fully waterproof, and features an oval base system as well as a rotary end flange. The sleeve can be used in environments with internal overpressure.

HoroBot B500

Splash proof and dust proof sleeve

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The RoboSuit-M500 from GS Automate is designed to protect the Meca500 from dust, light overspray, and machining fluids in medical, laboratory, and other industrial applications. It is completely flexible and offers a 360° range of motion on all joints.

Splash Proof & Dust Proof Sleeve from GS Automate
Logo of Zippertubing


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Zippertubing’s custom engineered Meca500 robot cover provides thermal protection to components without inhibiting the flexing ability of the robotic arm in the manufacturing process. The cover is made from flexible, abrasion-resistant PFR-10 material. It is great for form fit applications and demanding environments, such as in nuclear, aerospace and military industries.

Zippertubing Thermosleeve