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Pneumatic Module MPM500 for the Meca500

Control various pneumatic end-of-arm-tooling components directly from the Meca500 using our pneumatic module.

Mecademic’s pneumatic module MPM500 is designed specifically for the Meca500 (R3) and allows you to interface the robot with various pneumatic tools. The module consists of two 3-way 2-position normally closed solenoid valves. The valves share the same pressure port (IN) and exhaust port (OUT) but can be independently controlled directly from the robot.

MSRP: US$625

Key Benefits

What are the benefits of using Mecademic’s pneumatic module?

Fully integrated

Our pneumatic module is custom-built for and fully-integrated with our Meca500 robot arm (R3). As such, its two valves can be controlled directly within the stream of commands used to control the robot.

Extremely compact

Encapsulating two miniature solenoid valves in an optimized, streamlined aluminum body, the MPM500 is ultra-light, yet sturdy and offers versatility in EOAT.

Plug and work design

With just a clamp to tighten, a cable connector to screw, and a few pneumatic tubes to plug, you can be ready to operate your pneumatic end-of-arm-tooling in just minutes.

Requiring single tubing

With the MPM500, you need to attach a single pneumatic tube along the robot arm, reducing the risk for entanglements.

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Common applications

Actuate pneumatic grippers

The MPM500 can be used to actuate one double-acting or two single-acting pneumatic grippers. The module allows you to control directly from the robot a wide range of ultra-compact, third-party pneumatic grippers, with various actuation strokes and gripping mechanisms.

Control vacuum suction cups

The MPM500 can also be used to independently control up to two suction cups. This allows you to control directly from the robot a wide range of vacuum suction cups and manipulate even the tiniest components.

Pneumatic tool changers

Another possibility is to use the MPM500 to control a pneumatic tool changer. The best suited pneumatic tool changers for the Meca500 are the QC-1 from ATI or the SWR from Kosmek.

Pneumatic magnets

An interesting solution for handling ferrous parts is the use of pneumatic magnets, such as those from IXTUR. These are pneumatically controlled neodymium permanent magnets, which have excellent size to gripping force ratio and extremely low residual magnetism.




Operating pressure
7 bar (105 PSI)

Flow rate
29.74 LPM (1.05 CFM)

Response time
ON 8 ms, OFF 10 ms

Four M5 threaded orifices, with barb fittings for 1/16 inch ID tube preinstalled on ports 1, 2, and IN, and a pneumatic muffler on port OUT

Made in Canada


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