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Micro-manipulation solutions with six-degrees of freedom and flexibility

Does your application involve using a microgripper to manipulate samples under a microscope? Are you looking for micro-manipulation solutions for microneedle injection? Benefit from the flexibility of using a compact six-axis industrial robot arm. With its six degrees of freedom and ability to be mounted in any orientation, the Meca500 offers you more control over your micro-manipulation system.

Micromanipulation with the Meca500


Why choose the Meca500 robot arm for your micro-manipulation system?

Interface quickly and easily

Unlike most other micro-manipulation solutions and industrial robots, the Meca500 is an automation component that is easy to integrate. Simply connect a computer to the Meca500 using an Ethernet cable and stream Mecademic’s motion and request commands over TCP/IP. To further simplify using the Meca500, we’ve created optional APIs for Python, C++ and ROS. The Meca500 comes with an embedded web interface and requires no software installations.

Use your robot in both position and velocity mode

The end-effector of the Meca500 can be controlled both in absolute and relative position modes, enabling it to make both fast, large-amplitude motions and slow, micrometer incremental steps. In addition, you may control the velocity of the end-effector at 500 Hz, for fluid and intuitive micromanipulation. You may easily jog the robot with the help of a 6-axis or 3-axis USB joystick, with minimum programming.

Benefit from precision and versatility

The Meca500 is a six-axis industrial robot arm that is the most compact, lightweight, and precise on the market. The Meca500 can also be mounted in any orientation and easily equipped with virtually any small end-effector, including our optional electric gripper or pneumatic tool.

Avoid robot-maintenance (and earplugs)

Built with highest-quality components and absolute encoders, the Meca500 requires no oil or battery changes. If ever you prefer to swap or add a robot, this can be done in minutes. It is also so silent you may forget to switch it off!

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