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MEGP 25LS electric parallel gripper

Easily control fingers opening, gripping speed and force with Mecademic’s ultra-compact electric parallel gripper, designed specifically for the Meca500 robot.

Developed in collaboration with SCHUNK, Mecademic’s MEGP 25LS electric gripper is fully integrated with the Meca500 robot. In addition to using integrated open and close commands, you can specify the distance between the fingers and adjust the force and velocity of the grip. The electric gripper is supplied with an adapter plate. You can choose between two cables: one with 90° connectors or one with straight connectors (as shown above).

MSRP: US$2,950

Key Benefits

What are the benefits to using the MEGP 25LS Electric Gripper?

Performance by SCHUNK

Our long-range electric gripper is developed in collaboration with SCHUNK, a German firm renowned for precision, longevity, and strength in its gripping technology. We teamed up with SCHUNK to offer you process stability and efficiency in assembly and handling applications.

Fully integrated

Our electric gripper is custom-built for and fully integrated with our Meca500 robot arm. As such, this miniature gripper can be controlled directly within the stream of commands used to control the robot.


The gripper features an adjustable fingers opening, gripping velocity and gripping force. This enables you to handle very delicate parts in minimum time.

Long Stroke

Greater range of motion. Can pick parts that are of various sizes with the same fingertips. Pick the same part from different positions, for instance well plates in lab automation can be picked in both horizontal and vertical positions. Greater flexibility in fingertip design. The design of the MEGP 25 LS is very compact and lightweight for the range offered.

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Common applications

Pick and place
Machine tending




Stroke per jaw
24 mm

Maximum admissible weight per finger
0.02 kg

Maximum gripping force
40 N

Repeat accuracy for gripping
0.03 mm

Recommended workpiece weight (force-fit gripping)
0.2 kg

Gripper weight
0.136 kg

Protection class IP


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