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Small Industrial Robot Arms for Optimal Automation

Mecademic’s high-precision small industrial robot arms save space, lower costs, and maximize flexibility in any automation application. Our industrial robotic arms are designed and manufactured in Canada using only the highest quality components. Clients worldwide find Mecademic robots to be unique to the field of industrial robotics in several ways.

Key Benefits

High precision and extremely compact design

With 5 micrometer repeatability, our industrial robotic arms are the most precise on the market. Mecademic robots also come with tiny built-in controllers to maximize the flexibility of installations. Easily deploy our robots within any space constraints!

Quick integration

Our robots are automation components that can be operated with any computer or PLC. All you need is a few basic commands and any of these communication protocols: TCP/IP, EtherCAT or Ethernet/IP. Enjoy integration times up to eight times shorter than with any other industrial robotics solution.

24/7 maintenance-free operation

Mecademic robots do not require any oil or battery replacements. We believe the best automation solution is the one you can feel comfortable forgetting about once integration is complete. Focus more on your value-added process and less on the nitty-gritty details!

Lower costs

Our industrial robotic arms have a low total cost of ownership due to their small footprint, easy integration, and zero-maintenance. Minimize factory space and save employee time!

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