Prior to running the new firmware

  1. If running the system in production, always make sure to test it thoroughly before running the new firmware to make sure your process is not affected.
  2. Please read the release notes located in the downloaded firmware folder.
  3. If upgrading from release 7 to release 8, please read the Migration Guide attached.
  4. If you have any questions, please reach out to Mecademic Support.

Installing the firmware

Firmware for the Meca500 R3 can be found here: Meca500 R3 Firmware
Firmware for the Meca500 R2 can be found here: Meca500 R2 Firmware

Note: The downloaded folder needs to be unzipped. You will find the following inside:

  • UPDATE File: This is the firmware update to be loaded from the Web Interface
  • XML Document: This is the ESI file to be used with EtherCAT
  • PDF File: This is the release notes

To update the firmware of the robot, you must connect the robot to a PC, then call its web interface via a web browser. To proceed with the update, the robot must be deactivated and the connection icon unchecked:


Then, you must select OptionsUpdate


  • The update should take under 20 minutes, if you see that it is taking longer, please refresh your browser.
  • It is suggested to restart the robot after the update is complete.

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