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End-Of-Arm Tooling

Browse a selection of high quality, compact, and precise end-of-arm tooling to use with our robot arms. Although Mecademic robots can be easily integrated with any EAOT technology, the following are some of the grippers, tool changers, force sensors, and other equipment that we recommend for your applications.

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In addition to the MEGP 25E electric parallel gripper created in collaboration with SCHUNK, Mecademic robots can be easily integrated with a wide range of standard SCHUNK pneumatic grippers. Simply pair them with Mecademic’s pneumatic module or external control valves. SCHUNK has also developed an adhesive gripper in collaboration with Innocise precise handling solutions. This gripper requires no air or power and uses gecko-type adhesive material to gently, reliably, and precisely manipulate parts.

Schunk's ADHESO gripper handling a syringe
INNOCISE Meca Handling Fluessigkeit
ATI logo

Force Sensors

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ATI’s Multi-Axis Force/Torque (F/T) Sensors measure all six components of force and torque enabling high-precision force control in a variety of applications. They also have high overload protection making these systems rugged and durable. ATI’s Mini40 Sensor has a compact and low profile design, making it a great fit for Mecademic’s small robot arms. Try it for product testing, robotic assembly, grinding and polishing, and more.

Mini40 E Series
Meca500 with ATI's Mini40 force/torque sensor
Logo of Bota Systems

Force Sensor

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A newcomer in the force sensor space, the Rokubi 6-axis force/torque sensor with integrated controller and EtherCAT output offers a compact and cost-effective solution to many force feedback applications. Rokubi is ideal for applications where space is limited and weight is a critical factor.

Meca kit
rokubi meca gripper
Logo of Kosmek

Tool Changer

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A leader in high precision clamping solutions, Kosmek has developed the most precise automatic tool changer (SWR0010). The tool changer’s dimensions are a perfect size fit for the Meca500 robot.

Kosmek's SWR0010 tool changer


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Atlas Copco has engineered a reliable and easy to integrate automated screwdriver which is a perfect size fit for the Meca500 robot arm. The MicroTorque QMC21 and QMC 41 used with the MTF6000 controller are easy to use and offer a very precise tightening torque. The MTF6000 features a user-friendly software interface, making it easy to analyze and configure improvements, as well as minimize set-up time.


Vacuum Systems

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Schmalz is a specialist in vacuum technology for automation. Offering a variety of compact vacuum generators and suction cups, schmalz components offer particularly gentle handling of workpieces. Pair them with your Mecademic robot for assembly, pick and place, machine-tending, and other applications.