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Automated pick and place that’s flexible, precise, and space-efficient

Are you looking to automate material handling, bin picking, kitting, or packaging operations? Mecademic robot arms are the most compact and flexible automated pick and place solutions, ideal for working with parts weighing under 500g.

Pick and place with the Meca500


Why choose Mecademic robot arms for pick and place automation?

Move more with less

Our industrial robots are the smallest and most compact on the market, featuring tiny controllers embedded directly in their base. They can be mounted in different orientations for maximum flexibility. They are also very light, and do not require heavy duty support systems. With their tiny footprint and extensive flexibility, the robots fit perfectly between conveyors and feeders, even in the tightest of spaces. Pair them with a vision system for even more flexibility!

Maximize transfer distances with ease

Rather than opting for a bigger robot, our clients have found it more affordable and convenient to increase transfer distance by installing our robots onto linear stages. Mecademic robots are ultra-easy to transport without compromising repeatability, due to their minimal weight and compact size. Visit our MecaNetwork to explore a wide range of precision linear stages perfectly compatible with Mecademic robot arms!

Eliminate placement errors

With a position repeatability of 5 micrometers, our robot arms are the most precise on the market. Their unmatched precision makes them ideal for pick and place automation of even the smallest and most delicate components. Many of our clients use our robots to reduce process tolerances when handling watch components, tiny medical devices, miniature circuit boards, and small automotive parts.

Benefit from various gripping technologies

While most of our clients take advantage of Mecademic’s miniature electric gripper, our robots are easy to integrate with any third-party pneumatic grippers or vacuum generators. Gripping technology can be controlled directly from the Meca500 using our optional pneumatic module. Alternatively, it can be controlled by your PLC.

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