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Automated Feeding and Bin Picking Systems Ideal for Mecademic Robots

Explore a selection of feeding systems to use with Mecademic robots for assembly, pick-and-place, inspection, and other applications. When paired with a compact flexible feeding system and vision system, Mecademic robots are ideal for picking and placing a variety of medical device, electronics, watchmaking, and other components. Automated feeding systems are an excellent addition to any flexible automation solution. Their adaptability allows them to be redeployed for a variety of different parts. As such, the same feeder can be used for working with components of different shapes and sizes.

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Experts in vibration technology, industrial vision and precision robotics, Asyril develops and produces flexible feeding technology that could work with parts from 0.1 mm to 150 mm in size. The Asyril Asycube feeders combined with SmartSight vision are easy to integrate with Mecademic robots in a variety of different ways.

Asycube 80 by Asyril
Asycube 50, 80 and 240 by Asyril

Flexfactory automated systems combine a flexible bulk parts feeder with a bulk storage bin for a complete and simplified package. Combined with their feedware CX software and Cognex In-Sight cameras, the feeders are easy to integrate with Mecademic robots.

flexfactory anyfeed SX340 Feeder
flexfactory anyfeed SXM100 feeder
flexfactory ssc7036 with Meca500
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Flexibowl feeders from ARS Automation are a great fit for Mecademic robots. The circular design of Flexibowl feeding system allows for a faster feed rate compared to the average feeder. It comes at a lower price point and with reduced maintenance. The feeders can be used with many different camera brands.