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GTE innovates with LAP-C carton folding machine

The LAP-C carton folding machine, by GTE-engineering, is a fully automated packaging system with a small footprint. The project, lead by Mark van den Munckhof was developed for a GTE customer in the medical industry.

Cleanroom requirement 

To fit a cleanroom, GTE used their Lean Automation Platform circular (LAP-C) along with Mecademic’s Meca500 robotic arm. This guaranteed a small footprint –an essential requirement as their customer intends to use the machine in a cleanroom.

On why GTE chose Mecademic’s robotic arm:

The Mecademic robot offers a unique solution to precision positioning and manipulation in tight spaces, an intelligent alternative to fixed automation. The small robotic arms are easily integrated into a final product. It can be installed on a production line or used as a desktop tool. It enables a whole new range of processes, products and opportunities that were impossible before. It’s till now the smallest, most compact and precise 6-axis industrial robot that we have found.

LAP-C folding machine

The folding machine is comprised of six stations that automatically separate flat boxes, apply glue, then fold them.

Briefly: The first four stations fold and glue each box using a hot melt adhesive. At the fifth station, an insert is folded and placed into each box. At the sixth and final station, each box is closed and automatically discharged onto a packing table. 



Product Highlights

GTE’s LAP-C carton folding machine:

  • Small footprint
  • Can process two box sizes with five different inlays
  • Built with quickly interchangeable parts that can be replaced without the need for tools

GTE’s LAP-C platform:

  • Small footprint
  • Typical cycle times range from 3-10 seconds
  • Can be used for assembling, packaging, or processing

Mecademic’s Meca500 robotic arm:

  • World’s smallest, most compact six-axis robotic arm
  • Boasts a repeatability of 5 μm
  • Device and programming language agnostic

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