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Small industrial robots with a compact footprint

Discover the world’s most compact, precise, and easy-to-use small industrial robots from Mecademic.

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Small industrial robot arms as automation components

Unique to the market, the industrial robot arms from Mecademic are automation components that integrate with any PC or PLC and don’t require a proprietary programming language. Choose simplicity and discover our innovative range of industrial robots!

Key benefits

Optimize your application with plug-and-work industrial robots

Save space

Automate in small and confined spaces using our ultra-compact robot arms, featuring built-in controllers. Do more with less!

Maximize precision

Zero in on high-precision positioning thanks to the five-micrometer repeatability of our robots. Keep hitting your targets, consistently!

Gain flexibility

Simplify your design constraints by mounting our small robot arms in any orientation, without any hardware or software changes. Unleash your design ideas!

Cut integration time

Save time by using the programming language of your choice to operate Mecademic robots. Get started within minutes!

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Our solutions

Industrial robotic automation made easy

Mecademic’s goal is to facilitate the use and accessibility of industrial robotic automation in a wide range of industries and applications. Learn how to improve flexibility and throughput while minimizing costs with our industrial robot arms.


Ready to get started with your application?

Discuss your project needs with one of our application engineers. Our friendly technical support staff will gladly answer any questions about integrating our small robot arms as well as robotic automation in your industry.

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