About us

Ilian Bonev, cofounder of Mecademic, holding the Meca500

We design, develop and manufacture the most compact and accurate six-axis industrial robot arms on the market. Our robots are used for a wide range of applications including precision assembly, testing & inspection, pick & place, and animal microsurgery. We serve various industry sectors such as electronics, watchmaking, pharmaceuticals, and health.

Our robot arms are made in our facility in Montreal, Canada, ensuring outstanding product quality and customer support.

Our origins

Mecademic was founded in 2013 by Jonathan Coulombe (CEO), then graduate student, and Ilian Bonev, professor at the ÉTS. Our first product was an affordable, dual-arm academic robot (DexTAR) that is currently used in universities across Canada, France and the USA. Although this educational robot is still commercially available (on special request) and supported, we now focus exclusively on delivering high-precision, small robot arms for industry.

One predilection we did retain from our academic origins, though, is our passion for creativity and innovation, and for sharing knowledge.

Our mission

Our mission at Mecademic is to provide the most space-saving, accurate, and easy to integrate industrial robots that enable new applications, new products, new discoveries, new medical treatments, and more. We created a new category in industrial robotics for robots smaller than "small," more compact than "compact," and more precise than "extremely precise." We now strive to build a complete line of compact precision robots and become a leading manufacturer of industrial robots.